Why Sex & Creativity?

Got blocks?

Want greater access to your best material?

Rediscover lust!

Learn how to channel the energy of arousal and encourage the flow of creative release!

Where do sex and creativity meet?  EVERYWHERE.  Sexual energy is life force energy.  You can channel it in any number of ways.  You can pleasure yourself, pleasure a partner, or you can pleasure the world!

Everyone appreciates a juicy story, but we all live in fear that we might be “inappropriate.”  Sex is suppose to be “private.”  Dirty talk is strictly for the bedroom.  Sound familiar?

In our classes and workshops, we create safe space to mine our imaginations for stories not yet told.  We use personal experience to create poetry, music and art.  We play games to elude the inner critic, and we tap both the brain and body for source material.  We use the energy of arousal to fuel the creative fire.

Come and play, you’ll be amazed at what you might discover!