Seducing the Muse workshops

Jumpstart your creativity
Engage the erotic imagination
Stimulate transformation

Seducing the Muse workshops offer an opportunity to dive into your sexual psyche and discover more about your erotic self. These seven-week workshops consist of a small group of participants journeying together to explore the inner landscape of our sexual selves, and using the raw materials gathered to create pieces of art.

Sex-Fueled Art.

Throughout the seven weeks, we will combine personal process with creative process, and fuel the alchemy with a splash of arousal. By creating a safe container to express all kinds of experiences, we release the clamp on our creative channels. We use the energy of arousal to fuel artistic exploration. We uncover the stories that have held us back, or kept us from our greatest enjoyment, and we write new endings. We play games that allow us to subvert the inner critic. We write from the depth of our genitals and birth our stories with love in our hearts.

Join me for a creativity and writing workshop unlike any you’ve ever experienced. Uncover your sexual soul.

Create your own performance piece. Or just discover the stories within.

COST: $395 ($95 non-refundable down payment required to hold your space, remainder due at first class )

To ensure the optimal mix of participants, I will conduct brief personal interviews with everyone in the workshop. This gives us both an opportunity to answer questions and address concerns (i.e. there is no nudity, no sexual contact among participants during the workshop, etc.). We want to create a group that inspires and cares for one another. All genders and sexual styles welcome.

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: October / November 2017

MIXED GENDER HUMANS – Tuesday Evenings in October / November (except Oct. 31st)
October 10 – October 26
RECITAL: November 29 or 30

FEMALE IDENTIFIED HUMANS – Sunday Afternoons 3 pm – 6 pm in October / November
October 8 – October 28
RECITAL: November 29 or 30


Creating the container and safe community – This is a vital step towards making the workshop successful. We are committed to creating a safe space in which your creativity can be nurtured and your sexual self feels welcome.

Explore Your Story – Through games, storytelling and writing exercises we will dive into the depths of where and how our sexual identities are formed, and cultivate a connection to our authentic erotic selves.

Reclaim Your Story – Once we discover and uncover our stories, we can step into them. We can recast, rewrite, and experience our stories in a whole new way. We become the protagonist in our own lives. Our hero/shero journey of sexual awakening starts to take shape.

Create New Stories – Leaping off from the safety of non-fiction, we begin to explore what it means to free the erotic imagination. We use guided meditation to harness the power of arousal, and use the power of the libido to fuel original art.

Share Your Creation – Participants are invited to create a piece of art that expresses your experience of Seducing the Muse. What came alive for you? What discoveries or epiphanies appeared? We end the course with a recital – an invited salon of friends and lovers to witness the class creations. This recital is optional, but incredibly fun. I call it sex-fueled art.Past projects have included stories, poems, dance performance, monologues and songs. What might you create?


Eleanor O’Brien is creativity and sex-life coach at Uncover Your Story. She is also the artistic director of Dance Naked Productions, a company dedicated to creating artistic expression around the topic of sexuality. She has created the solo shows GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies and Lust & Marriage, as well as the ensemble series Inviting Desire, What is Erotic? and Revelations. She curates and produces the biannual sex-positive theater festival Come Inside in Portland, Oregon. She has taught Seducing the Muse for Sex-Positive LA, Sex-Positive London, Sacred Tantra in Portland, and private events. She also teaches solo show workshops (Portland Center Stage, St. Lawrence University, The Bluestockings Theater Company) and through Dance Naked Productions. She holds a masters degree from the University of San Diego, and is a trained facilitator for Storyhealers International. She is a huge believer in the deep well of material to be found in our sexual stories, as well as the power of arousal to fuel art.


  • It allowed us to really play with our expression, and to combine our ideas about seduction with our experience in a totally safe way.
  • As a male I have felt a lot of shame, repression & distrust of my lust. Just accepting, relishing it openly in a room full of many strangers felt healing and potentially revolutionary.
  • The class allowed me to go deep, build new relationships, and re-embrace my sexuality and creative voice in a new way.
  • I enjoyed the workshop very much! It helped me tap into my sexuality which generally is dormant/asleep.
  • Eleanor was excellent in helping nurture our respective inner – and outer – sexual natures!
  • That was the best writing workshop I’ve been to, and I’ve been to more than several.
  • Juicy, inspiring and healing! I got in touch with fantasies I wasn’t previously aware of.
  • This class opened up my universe.
  • Powerful.

Workshop Philosophy

Reclaim your sexual story

Engage your erotic imagination

Stimulate Full-Bodied Transformation

Naked Creation is about exploration.

  • Who are you, sexually?
  • What do you want?
  • What turns you on?
  • Who do you want to be?

In our workshops, we create a rare opportunity to step out of the closet of “What Is Appropriate” and witness our sexual selves.

Claiming your erotic identity can be terrifying.  We are steeped in a culture that seeks to control and deny the most primal aspect of our animal natures.  Sex is labled “private” and we are told “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Often we wonder, what is normal? Why do I like that? What if someone found out?

Supressing your story is a recipe for shame. Owning your story is transformative.

Dr. Brené Brown says “Shame derives its power from being unspeakable.” In these workshops, we create a safe space where vulnerability around our sexual identity is acknowledged. We step into our stories, we speak our truth with authenticity and allow ourselves to be seen.

When we reclaim our sexual selves, we reclaim our creative power. We free ourselves to explore not only our personal history and non-fiction stories from our past, but we allow the erotic imagination to create new stories, and fuel artistic engagement.
When our imaginations are given permission to explore, our artistic genius can find full expression.

In these workshops, everyone is encouraged to embrace creative nakedness. To metaphorically undress themselves and discover what’s underneath. When you come out of the closet, you’ll be amazed at what’s been hiding inside you, waiting to be discovered.