Inviting Desire 2010: Pleasure, Permission, Possibility…

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The show that started it all! Women’s sexual fantasies as theatrical entertainment? Hell yeah. 7 actresses explore their inner depths to become storytellers of the erotic imagination. Starring Tonya Jone Miller, Mary Rose, Eleanor O’Brien, Tori Paddelford, Emily Wisteria, Allison Tigard and ileana herrin. Premiered at the Portland Fertile Ground Festival 2009.

Inviting Desire 2009: A Theatrical Aphrodisiac featured unforgettable pieces such as The Minotaur (ileana herrin), Daddy (Tonya Jone Miller) Pandora’s Box (Tori Padellford) Oh! OH! Obama! (Allison Tigard), Watstu (Eleanor O’Brien) The Daddy and The Femme (Emily Wisteria, written by Carol Queen) and Yoga Poses (Mary Rose). We performed in a former church (now the Portland Playhouse) to audience members seated on couches and pillows. The feel was intimate, daring and totally unique.

We experimented with involving the audience on a visceral level — incorporating a game show format, erotic hair-pulling, and surround sound to enhance the live experience. As one reviewer put it, “Like nothing you’ll see on a Portland Stage.” (Allison Hallet, The Portland Mercury).

the cast

The cast of Pleasure, Permission, and Possibility…