Lust & Marriage

A solo show about finding your soulmate

Emily is searching for her soul mate.  When a Burning Man fling turns out to be her beloved, she thinks she’s found her lifelong BBQ.  But her eternal flame doesn’t burn for monogamy.  Can polyamory save their romance? Is it possible to be monogam…ish?  From Dance Naked artistic director Eleanor O’Brien comes an honest and intimate comedy that explores the complexities of marriage, and what happens when two become three.  Or four….. Running Time: 75 minutes

Written & Performed by Eleanor O’Brien
Dramaturg: TJ Dawe
Director: Antonio Sonera
Midwife: Tonya Taylor Rubenstein

Lust and marriage, they go together like … electricity and porridge? Does hot monogamy exist? Can polyamory save the happily ever after? With heaps of humor (and advice from sex-advice columnist Dan Savage) O’Brien creates a nuanced tale of sex, love and what happens when there is more than one Prince Charming.#WWDSD?(“What Would Dan Savage Do?”) O’Brien is known for edgy, authentic stories that illuminate aspects of sexuality often labeled private. In this revealing solo performance, she examines cultural beliefs around monogamy and polyamory from a highly personal perspective.


It was fucking RIVETING

Seattle Polly Blog

Engrossing…. O’Brien recounts it all with verve and zip and generous heaps of humor... moving easily from autobiographical anecdotes to broader musings about sex, love and marriage. With a presence that’s sympathetic and engaging—and a refreshing lack of preachiness—O’Brien poses questions that transcend her particular experiences. And it’s that ability, even as she’s describing a threesome with her husband and a Bettie Page lookalike or a near-epileptic fit at an ayahuasca retreat, that makes this show stick.

Williamette Week

Brilliantly conceived and executed….I absolutely loved Lust & Marriage. If you enjoy laughing out loud, graphic but realistic sex talk, and satisfying conclusions, I urge you to see this show.


This show is everything that a Fringe play should be….a thought-provoking and groundbreaking work with sharp writing and acting throughout by Eleanor O’Brien. No matter your thoughts on non-traditional relationships, this show is a must see.

Vue Weekly

Lust & Marriage made me laugh. And, as is true of love and lust, laughing feels goooooood. So if you’re OK with very adult content, Lust & Marriage ought to turn you on.

Edmonton Journal

Eleanor with two gents

There has maybe never been a play written by a cisgender straight woman that is more suitable for the gay community… and it’s not even a musical!

Crew Magazine

Went to see a surprisingly awesome one-woman show last night!

Cunning Minx

Polyamory Weekly

As far as expanding consciousness and entertaining, oh yeah, mission accomplished. It was a fascinating show, to watch her trace this path and her ideas about having multiple partners.  She is luminous…. and totally riveting to watch.

5 Useless Degrees and A Bottle of Scotch Theater Review Podcast

Eleanor naked... with two gents

Beautifully structured, it’s easy to see Fringe phenom TJ Dawe’s expert hand in the dramaturgy. But it is the personal charm, and unflinching honesty of performer Eleanor O’Brien that really makes Lust and Marriage…… It is just so damn refreshing to see a sex show with its big girl pants on. See this show.


Eleanor’s performance is intense, wild, sexually explicit and very funny. It’s one of the must-see shows at this year’s Fringe.

Global News Review

Clever and funny….Writer/performer Eleanor O’Brien knows how to grab and keep an audience’s attention. She has a resonant voice, a rich command of language and a sharp sense of humour.

NOW Magazine

Well written, well acted, and well meaning, Lust & Marriage is a fine way to spend an evening with a very fine actress who’s willing to share the wisdom her life journey has given her.  Monogamous, poly, or something in between there is something for everyone in this night of thoughtful, fun, sexy, theatre.

Ron Richardson

Polyamory Weekly