Inviting Desire 2009 (Tour): Lubricate Your Libido

Inviting Desire: Lubrication your Libido — A theatrical Aprhodisiac, image of woman with a red apple

Out of the original show, we crafted a tight little hour-long gem that we took on tour the the wilds of the Canadian Fringe.  3 of the original cast (Eleanor O’Brien, Tonya Jone Miller and Mary Rose) were joined by newcomer Adrienna Ogin – and we traveled together in an old RV we dubbed “Betty.”

Before we left Portland we did a 3 week run of the new show at the IFCC to get it ready to take on the road.

The fringes of Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton hadn’t never seen anything quite like Inviting Desire!  We made friends, won awards, performed to audiences both horrified and delighted, garnered a bunch of rave reviews, and saw a ton of shows.  Betty made it all the way through the Canadian rockies, and we were still all friends by the end of the run.  Check out a little snippet of the show in the video below. Inviting Desire Returns Teaser – Electric Fur

Eleanor wonders why so many women suffer from hypo-active sexual desire disorder

eleanor sitting on the floor

Mary Rose as Mary Kay Letourneau – seducing her student, and teaching him all manner of things. Favorite quote “He is learning!”

Mary Rose
adrienna being carried

Adrienna exploring (or rather, being explored) by the amorous plants on the jungle planet. Oh, those naughty stamens!

Tanya in orange wrap

Tonya explores the eroticism in procreation