GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies

By turns raunchy, hilarious and heartwarming, GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies is Eleanor O’Brien’s solo show about training to be a dominatrix in New York City. Deliciously funny and unabashedly graphic, O’Brien portrays an unforgettable cast of sex workers and clients. Far from a simple guide to whips and chains, there is a love story woven into the fabric of the S&M adventure. From the agony of junior high dances to the inner sanctum of a professional dungeon, enemas to ecstatic dance, GGG: D4D explores what it means to fall in love with yourself.

The Self-Help Domme, an advocate of Radical Self-Lust, both intimidates and celebrates the audience with a unique blend of discipline, humor, and unconditional love. This “quite remarkable bit of theatre” (Edmonton Sun) has played to sold out houses and standing ovations across Canada and the US. Come see the show that has inspired everything from “Surprisingly touching…beautifully tender and erotic” (Edmonton Journal) to “A spanking good time!” (The Seattle Stranger). Dance Naked Productions is known for creating unique, sex-positive theater…with a happy ending! and GGG: D4D will have you laughing, thinking, and dancing for joy.