Inviting Desire 2012: The Dawn of Sex

Poster for Inviting Desire: Pleaure. Permission. Possibility...

back row: Shannon Brazil, Ithica Tell, Tori Padellford, Allison Tigard
front row: Celeste Weber, Eleanor O’Brien, Jade Hobbs
(not pictured – Trish Egan!)

Inviting Desire: The Dawn of Sex explores relationships, in all their delightful permutations.  Taking our cue from the bonobos, we explore group sex, play on the poly playground, and make monogamy the hottest thing since strap-ons.  We delight in the variety and style of human sexuality, and seek to illuminate and celebrate the differences.  We are not here to advocate for one over another, but to honor and revel in all the ways we humans turn ourselves on.  We offer you a sexual buffet from which sampling is encouraged, (if only in the imagination!)

The Dawn of Sex opened November 9th, 2012 at Milepost 5.