Everything is better live!

Dance Naked Productions uses the medium of theater, storytelling and live performance to illuminate aspects of human sexuality often labeled “private.” We make art that illuminates the darkness, eliminates shame and celebrates diversity. We see story as a pathway to greater empathy and connection.  Our ultimate goal?  Uniting humanity through conversations about sex.  

There is power in vulnerability.  Showing up in the world as a sexual being takes courage.  At Dance Naked we seek to create an environment where you get to witness theater that is vulnerable, and honest, and unabashedly sex-positive.  We hope you’ll stay for the talk backs after the shows, introduce yourself, and meet other humans who are equally curious about sex.  We hope to expand your palette of what is possible, through the sheer, awesome power of sharing stories.  Maybe one of these days you’ll share a story of your own.  Sign up for the newsletter to stay in touch.  And come check out a show!  (It’s way more fun in person).

Coming in January!