Come Inside 2016: A Sex and Culture Theater Festival

An entire festival featuring shows about sex.

Intimate. Authentic. Compelling. Vulnerable.

Stories about sex.

And Love. And life.

But mostly sex.


Come Inside: A Sex & Culture Theater Festival is a curated collection of performances that celebrate a vast array of sexual philosophies and adventures.  Dance Naked Productions artistic director Eleanor O’Brien has toured fringe theater festivals across North America, and seen hundreds of shows.  Among then, a few jewels of smut -positive, sex-fueled art stand out!  We are proud to bring the cream of the crop (the gush of the bush?) to Portland!  We open with Bawdy Storytelling at The Star theater to kick things off, and over the next 10 days, there will be 25 performances at the Headwaters Theater of eight completely unique productions.

When and Where?
  • September 28th — Opening Night Party and Bawdy Storytelling at The Star Theater!
  • September 29th through October 8th — 8 shows, 26 performances, plus a staged reading of Age of Arousal and a Smut Slam,  all at The Headwaters Theater

All weekend shows will be followed by a post-show conversation upstairs from the theater at the Waterline Studio.  The festival includes a workshop (Come Play!), a Smut Slam and a staged reading of Age of Arousal.  See below for details!

Dixie DeLaTour hosts the phenomenon Bawdy Storytelling

Bawdy is coming to Portland!

San Francisco legend Dixie DeLaTour is bringing Bawdy Storytelling to Portland for the very first time!  Bawdy, the nation’s original sex & storytelling show, has been entertaining audiences up and down the west coast for the last 10 years.  Known as “The Moth for pervs” (LA Weekly), Bawdy Storytelling is all about people sharing their best, worst, most unusual, or most meaningful sexual experiences—all in 10 minutes or less.

Bawdy will open the festival on September 28th at The Star Theater.  Line up TBA.

Opening Weekend : September 29 to October 2

Ze: Queer As Fuck

“Ze”: Queer As Fuck (Michelle/Ryan – New Zealand)

An autobiographical comedy about sex, gender, and the expanding parade of labels and identities. A daring exploration of the tension between true authenticity and belonging.

Thurs 9/29 @ 7pm
Fri 9/30 @ 10:30pm
Sat 10/1 @ 6pm
Sun 10/2 @ 2pm

James Gangl -Cruise Control

In Search of Cruise Control (James Gangl – Toronto, ON)

Long-time virgin turned sex-fiend, James Gangl becomes the poster child for why we need good sexual education when he struggles to give his awkward teenage nephew the sex talk he never asked for and will never forget.

Thurs 9/29 @ 9pm
Fri 9/30 @ 7pm
Sat 10/1 @ 4pm
Sun 10/2 @ 6pm

James Gangl -Cruise Control

Phone Whore (Cameryn Moore – Montréal)

Truth and taboo collide in this intimate visit with a phone sex operator. Sit back and buckle up.

Critics’ Choice-  Houston, San Francisco,Victoria Fringes

Thurs 9/29 @ 10:30pm
Fri 9/30 @ 5pm
Sat 10/1 @ 8pm
Sun 10/2 @ 4pm

Shirley Gnome

Real Mature (Shirley Gnome – Canada)

You may be thinking it – but this shameless songstress sings it loud and proud with “the voice of an angel dry-humping a cloud.” Award-winning, taboo, sexually empowering comedy that is NOT for the faint of heart.

Fri 9/30 @ 9pm
Sat 10/1 @ 10pm
Sun 10/2 @ 8pm

Closing Weekend : October 6 to October 8

Joyful Raven - Tales of A Sexual Tomboy

Tales of a Sexual Tomboy (Joyful Raven, CA)

A raucous one-woman comedy about a horny tomboy, equipped with bad boundaries from her hippie upbringing, looking for empowerment in all the wrong places.
Thurs 10/6 @ 10:30pm
Fri 10/7 @ 9pm
Sat 10/8 @ 4pm

Kelly Nesbitt - Dr. Tallulah's Cosmic Fuck

Cosmic Fucks (Kelly Nesbit – Portland, OR)

A  personal story of a spiritual awakening and cosmic sexology, a journey through time, from the womb, to mid-life revelation.  Dr. Tallulah will awaken your vaginal consciousness.   Hilarious, poignant, and totally original.

Thurs 10/6 @ 9pm
Fri 10/7 @ 7pm
Sat 10/8 @ 6pm

Jon Bennet - How I Learned to Hug

How I Learned to Hug (Jon Bennet- Australia)

A story of adolescent love, adult love, adolescent sex, adult sex, masturbation, experimentation, loss, personal growth and hugs. This is NOT a love story but a story of love… in the Montreal airport.

Thurs 10/6 @ 7pm
Fri 10/7 @ 10:30pm
Sat 10/8 @ 8pm

Eleanor O'Brien - GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies

GGG: Dominatrix for Dummmies (Eleanor O’Brien – Portland, OR)

From the agony of junior high dances to the inner sanctum of a professional dungeon, enemas to ecstatic dance, GGG: D4D explores what it means to fall in love with yourself, and how everyone wants to be wanted. From Dance Naked founder Eleanor O’Brien. One night only!

Sat 10/8 @ 10pm


Come Play! with Eleanor O’Brien

Saturday October 1st

from 11 – 2pm

at the Headwaters Theater


SMUT SLAM! With Cameryn Moore

Sunday Oct. 2nd at 9:15pm

A community open mic featuring real-life first-person sex stories.


AGE OF AROUSAL by Linda Griffiths

A staged reading

Monday Oct. 3rd AND Tuesday Oct. 4th

@ 7:30pm

Why a Sex Culture Festival?

The goal with this festival is to unite humanity through conversations about sexuality. Sex, like politics, tends to be an area where people stick with their tribe.  Come Inside is a festival that that brings together all kinds of sexual beings – kinky and queer, straight, vanilla, poly and asexual.  Like Hump! (Dan Savage’s annual amateur porn festival) Come Inside is an opportunity for people to have an intimate experience with a sexuality perhaps different from what they normally encounter.  And even better, it’s LIVE.