AUDITIONS – Scenes from a Sex Club: An Inviting Desire Original

Scenes from a Sex Club


Inviting Desire first premiered at Fertile Ground in 2009 subtitled “A Theatrical Aphrodisiac” and and went on to spawn 3 more versions (Lubricate Your Libido, Pleasure, Permission, Possibility…, and The Dawn of Sex)

These shows were a devised collaboration between actors and writers that created an original show featuring the erotic thoughts/feelings/actions of women from across a spectrum of ages and sexual preferences  (“Like nothing else you’ll ever see on a Portland stage…” – The Mercury).

Scenes from A Sex Club will be similar, with one significant difference.  For the first time, an Inviting Desire will include men.  

This show will explore subjects as diverse as group sex, swingers, BDSM, role playing, and yes, sex clubs.  The script will be created and devised by the cast and invited writers, and material will be sourced from a public survey, interviews, as well as our own explorations and fertile imaginations.

Auditions will be held April 2 & 3 from 2-5pm in NE Portland.  Sign up for either day.  You are requested to prepare a monologue/short excerpt sourced from erotic or sexually charged material (check out Fetlife, Literotica or Powell’s erotica section for inspiration!).  Doesn’t have to be memorized but you should be very comfortable with the material.

YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BE FAMILIAR WITH SEX CLUBS!  (Trust me, research will be done, but doesn’t have to be “hands on!”)

The show will run August 4-16 at The Headwaters.  Rehearsals will begin mid April (1x week through May) and ramp up to 3x/wk in June (schedule based on cast availability).

Participants will be paid (payment based on percentage of ticket sales.  Past participants have received upwards of $1000).

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact Eleanor O’Brien (director)  to secure audition time.

Lust & Marriage: Santa Cruz February 26th & 27th

Lust & Marriage: Santa Cruz February 26th & 27th

FB banner - santa cruz

Lust & Marriage returns to the stage!  After a sold-out, critically acclaimed run across Canada – Lust & Marriage will play 2 nights in Santa Cruz!

When:  February 26th & 27th @ 8:30pm

Where: Center Stage

Tickets: $20 (Brown Paper Tickets) $30 for the double header

Lust & Marriage at 8:30pm, Adolescence 2.0 at 7pm, and complimentary drink or snack in between shows.  Adolescence 2.0 is the premiere of comedy monologue by Dixie Mills.

About Lust & Marriage
From the creator of Dominatrix for Dummies comes a sex-positive comedy that explores the conundrums of couple-hood. Is long-term desire sustainable? Is it possible to be monogamish?

Emily is a hopelessly romantic, ethical slut in search of a soul mate. When a Burning Man fling turns out to be the love of her life, she thinks she’s found her happy ending. But her paramour doesn’t pine for monogamy. What’s a Pollyanna to do? Can polyamory save their romance? A smash hit on the Canadian Fringe circuit (5 stars from The Vue Weekly and Global Edmonton) and nominated for Best Solo Show and Best English Performance at the Montreal Fringe, Lust & Marriage is an honest and intimate comedy that explores the complexities of opening up a relationship. (“It is just so damn refreshing to see a sex show with its big girl pants on.” -CBC).

Eleanor O’Brien is the artistic director of Dance Naked Productions, a Portland, Oregon based company known for provocative, sex-positive theater. She premiered her first show show Girls Guide in 2005. “Girls Guide” became GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies, a top show in the first Santa Cruz Fringe Festival in 2012. O’Brien also created Inviting Desire (“If you’re looking for the sexiest show at the Fringe, this may well be it”-CBC). Her new show, Lust & Marriage, is a collaboration with director Antonio Sonera and dramaturge TJ Dawe, with inspiration from Dan Savage.

“I have long been fascinated by the work of sex advice columnist Dan Savage and his influence on sexuality in popular culture,” says O’Brien. “I was inspired to create Lust & Marriage after Dan put out a call for stories from the successfully monogamish.” (Savage has given the script his blessing and recorded his voice for use in the show.) “Having tried both monogamy and polyamory, I use alot of my own material. Turns out, there’s quite a bit of comedy in opening a marriage. Though of course there’s drama too. Ultimately, it’s a love story, with a healthy dose of lust.”

Lust & Marriage
Written and Performed by: Eleanor O’Brien
Director: Antonio Sonera
Dramaturg: TJ Dawe

Critical Praise for “Lust & Marriage”
*This show is everybody that a Fringe play should be…No matter your thoughts on non-traditional relationships, this show is a must see. -Vue Weekly

*Eleanor’s performance is intense, wild, sexually explicit and very funny. It’s one of the must-see shows at this year’s Fringe. -Global Edmonton

*Brilliantly conceived and executed…I absolutely loved Lust & Marriage. If you enjoy laughing out loud, graphic but realistic sex talk, and satisfying conclusions, I urge you to see this show. -MooneyOnTheatre

*There has maybe never been a play written by a cisgender straight woman that is more suitable for the gay community…and it’s not even a musical! -Crew Magazine

Revelations: Sex-Fueled Art

Revelations: Sex-Fueled Art

Image of a tummy with text over it

Revelations is an experience of humans being vulnerable.  Regular people making art out of sex.  Sharing intimate details of their erotic lives, turning the sexual psyche into poetry, prose, puppet sex and much much more…. Come witness your fellow humans in all their gorgeous humanity. Celebrate the power of vulnerability, and the courage it requires. Come witness these works of art, be a part of the revolution that invites openness over concealment, and connection over judgement. Be touched , be moved, be entertained…

WHEN: March 10-13 Thursday – Sunday @ 7:30pm, matinee Sunday @ 2:00pm

WHERE: The Headwaters Theatre @ 55 NE Farragut St. Portland, OR 97211

TICKETS: $20 online, $25 at the door – Get tickets at  BROWN PAPER TICKETS

*Saturday March 12th is a celebration of High Art – an exploration of the connection between culture and cannabis – you are encouraged to BYOC!

**The matinee Sunday arch 13th is a performer benefit

WHY: Because we learn through stories.  Revelations is an invitation to artists of all kinds to reveal an aspect of their erotic nature.  To summon the courage to share something vulnerable…risky…to be seen.  We seek to inspire through example.  In the words of the brilliant Bréne Brown, shame cannot survive being talked about.  In these pieces,  regular people get onstage and share their creative take on what makes them vulnerable sexually.  Their authenticity is compelling, and their courage is catching.  What might it inspire in you?

Eleanor O’Brien is the artistic director of Dance Naked Productions, with a mission to marry sex & creativity.  She is committed to creating arenas for non-actors to share their truths, for the innate story-teller in all of us to take center stage and speak to the things that make us unique.

Revelations began 7 years ago in a one-bedroom apartment.  A group of friends got together with the intent to “strip” for one another. At that very first Revelations, the pieces were raw and unrehearsed – funny and sexy and spontaneous.  The next year they were more artful, more choreographed.  The year after that, multi-media was introduced, and every year, the crowd grew larger.  This year, Revelations is opened to the public.  Anyone can audition, and anyone can witness.  The invitation remains the same – reveal yourself.

Revelations is running a contest from March 2-9!

Erotic Selfie Contest – send your erotic selfie to the Dance Naked Drop Box and post your erotic selfie anonymously!  Entries will appear on the blog.  Winner chosen at random!  Will receive 2 tickets to Revelations and a Gift Bag of Sex+ Goodies from our generous sponsors.

Erotic Art Entries – If you would like to submit your art to Revelations for the Visual Gallery, please send up to 5 images to the Dance Naked Drop Box.  Artists will be credited and a website link will appear in the program. Entries close March 8th. All artists will be invited to the preview show March 9th.






High Tea – A Valentine’s Day Season Announcement Party!

High Tea – A Valentine’s Day Season Announcement Party!

Dance Naked Productions High Tea

Valentine’s Day for the Hedonists!

On Valentine’s Day, from 3pm-6pm, Dance Naked is holding a High Tea.  This event will include your classic finger sandwiches and tea cakes, as well as a hookah lounge, performance art and a whole slew of sensual opportunities.

We will announce our upcoming season (!) and share some previews from Revelations.  (Revelations runs March 10-13 at The Headwaters – tickets will go on sale soon!)   Then, the hands-on fun begins.  Including with your ticket are vouchers to experience your choice of the following:

  • Professional cuddling
  • Kissing booth with highly trained staff
  • Erotic hair pulling
  • Scalp massage
  • Shower scrub and towel dry
  • Tea leaf reader

Tickets to this event are $30, and are extremely limited.  There will be no at the door sales, and the address is only given with purchase.  This fundraiser will help Dance Naked make this upcoming season a reality, so if you believe in the dream of sex-positive theater that helps heal the world (and want to enjoy a rare and unique valentine’s experience!) please come join us!

Tickets available here

If you want to stay updated with the event, join our facebook event page for up to the minute additions!

Revelations – AUDITIONS! (Jan 30 & 31)

Revelations – AUDITIONS! (Jan 30 & 31)

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 5.00.51 PM

The time has come to gather the creative ardor of this city, the collective erotic imagination of Portland itself, and create a brand new show!

Last year Dance Naked premiered What Is Erotic? a community cabaret of stories, song and dance that expressed individual responses to that very question.  For 2016, Dance Naked brings you REVELATIONS, a Communal Creation of Intimate Acts.  Revelations is an opportunity to share YOUR erotic imagination, your sexual story, your interpretation of what it means to be vulnerable as a sexual being.  Whether that is a poem, a story, a scene or interpretive dance, YOU are invited to audition.

You don’t need to be a professional actor or performer.  You need to be willing to share yourself in a creative manner.    What yearns to blossom inside you?  How would you like to show up and be seen?

For many years I have participated in a private event called Revelations.  Not a show at all, merely a gathering of friends.  My pal Alex invented the party as a small gathering – an invitation for close friends to strip for one another, to whatever extent felt right.  Some people took the invitation literally and performed a strip tease, to panties and beyond.  Some took the opportunity to reveal metaphorically,  though poetry or interpretive dance.   Performances were spontaneous and rehearsed,  silly, serious, sad, and sometimes incredibly sexy.  They were universally compelling.  Witnessing other humans reveal themselves, especially in the taboo area of sexuality,  is riveting, no special training necessary.  Everyone who participated, or witnessed, left richer and more connected to one another.

Revelations has grown every year, as more people are invited, and more participants tasted the thrill of creating a piece to share with an appreciative audience. We pack a private house with almost 100 people, and anyone willing to share their offering is given time and space.

I have created pieces for many past Revelations, and they are some of my proudest achievements.

This year, I asked Alex if I could borrow the idea, and make it slightly bigger.  I would like to create a theatrical event in the manner of What Is Erotic? using the ethos of Revelations.  The public (that’s YOU!) is invited both  to participate, as well as witness the end result.  REVELATIONS will have 4 performances (March 10-13) to be hosted at Headwaters Theater and will be directed by Eleanor O’Brien (that’s me).

Auditions will be held by appointment January 30th and 31st from 3pm-6pm.  Please come to either Saturday OR Sunday, and expect to stay the entire time (unless you have arranged with me in advance).   Please bring the piece you wish to share, or your IDEA for a piece you would like to develop.  I will work with those selected throughout February and March to develop your piece into a beautiful performance.

AUDITION FORMS HERE – (Close-in Portland location given on sign-up).

(Erotic art and film also welcome – send inquiries).

Images from What Is Erotic? 2015






What are you waiting for?  SIGN UP MY LOVES! The world needs your art!



What exactly is Revelations?

It’s a performance.  AND SO MUCH MORE!  Revelations is a collection of courageous souls who believe that art is meant to be shared, and that sexuality is a potent theme when it comes to art.  This show will be made up of all different kinds of creative responses to the invitation to reveal something about your erotic nature.  There will be poetry, storytelling, song and dance, music, imagery, solo and group presentations, comedy, drama and so much more.

What is the time commitment? 

For the auditions, it’s either Saturday January 30th from 3-6pm or Sunday January 31st from 3-6pm.  You are invited to stay for the entire audition, and support other people who are also being courageous and sharing their ideas/art.  (If you can’t stay the entire time, let me know in advance).

There will be two group rehearsals, likely the afternoon of Sunday February 28th and Sunday March 6th.  Also, technical rehearsals the evening of March 8th & 9th.  You must be able to make at least one of the group rehearsals and both technical rehearsals.  Individual rehearsals will be scheduled around need and availability.  Performance dates will be March 10-13.  You must be available for all 4 performances.

Why would I want to do this?

Revelations is an opportunity to challenge yourself and stretch what you believe you are capable of doing.  It’s a chance to share who you are with the world, and own your creative genius.  You will make friends.  You will remember the experience for the rest of your life.  You will experience the aliveness of revealing yourself in an authentic way.  You will be supporting the vision of Eleanor O’Brien Dance Naked Productions, who’s mission is to create a more sex-positive, conscious and collaborative world.

All performers (including visual artists) will be invited to participate in a Seducing the Muse 1/2 day workshop, free of charge.  This workshop is an opportunity to create using games, writing exercises, guided meditation and mindful movement to access inner genius.

Is there a time limit for pieces?

There is.  Depending on the number of participants – generally around 6 minutes.

What if I have no experience performing?

You don’t have to have experience, you just have to have the desire, and an idea of the piece you want to create.

What if the idea terrifies me?

Perfect.  What a huge growth opportunity.  Vulnerability is required if you want to live a wholehearted life.  Think of this like training for a marathon.

Will I get paid?

One performance will be designated as a Performer Benefit and the proceeds will be split between performers.  But if money is your primary motivation, then this probably isn’t the gig for you.

There is no financial compensation for visual art (though links to artist websites will be included in the program).

I can guarantee you will be paid in deep appreciation and increased community – not to mention, your own personal evolution (priceless!)

Who is Eleanor O’Brien?

I’m the artistic director for Dance Naked Productions.  I have developed a number of shows that celebrate and explore sexuality, including the Inviting Desire series, What Is Erotic?, Come Inside: A Festival of Intimate Acts, and my solo shows GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies and Lust & Marriage.  I have developed a workshop called Seducing the Muse that helps regular folks access their creative drive through the medium of sexual desire.  With my co-facilitator Gwenn Cody, we lead participants through games and writing exercises that circumvent the inner-critic and allow everyone to discover their inner genius.   I am committed to creating a world with more joy and less shame.  I look forward to knowing you!

Eleanor O'Brien
Dance Naked Artistic Director Eleanor O’Brien