Sex & Creativity Workshop in Santa Fe

For those who saw the show and would like to participate in the Sex & Creativity workshop, it’s happening TODAY, April 13th, from 10am-2pm at the Lodge at Santa Fe (same venue as the show was at).  Please contact ELeanor if you have questions or just show up!

Lust & Marriage – a solo show

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Lust & Marriage, they go together like … electricity and porridge?

Dance Naked Productions Artistic Director Eleanor O’Brien explores the search for love, lust and life partners in this candid look at modern marriage.  Does hot monogamy exist? Can polyamory save the happily ever after?  #WWDSD? (“What Would Dan Savage Do?”)  O’Brien is known for edgy, authentic stories that illuminate aspects of sexuality often labeled “private.”  In this revealing solo performance,  she examines cultural beliefs around monogamy, monotony, jealousy and polyamory from a highly personal perspective.

Creator of the fringe hit GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies, O’Brien has worked with renown solo show director and coach Tanya Taylor Rubinstein to create a show that celebrates all the options of modern relationship.  With heaps of humor (and advice from sex-advice columnist Dan Savage) O’Brien creates a nuanced fairy tale of sex, love and what happens when there is more than one Prince Charming.

Engrossing…. O’Brien recounts it all with verve and zip and generous heaps of humor… moving easily from autobiographical anecdotes to broader musings about sex, love and marriage. With a presence that’s sympathetic and engaging—and a refreshing lack of preachiness—O’Brien poses questions that transcend her particular experiences. And it’s that ability, even as she’s describing a threesome with her husband and a Bettie Page lookalike or a near-epileptic fit at an ayahuasca retreat, that makes this show stick. Willamette Week

This show runs 80 minutes and is designed to tour easily.  Want to see Lust & Marriage in your neck of the woods?  Get in touch!

Lust and Marriage




Sex & Creativity: As inspiration strikes!

At turns out, I’m not very good at writing on a schedule.  While I like writing about sex and creativity, I prefer writing when the muse strikes, not because I’m feeling pressured (kinda like sex that way).   So my 30 day experiment was something of a failure- in that I only got 15 entries in – but on the flip side, I learned something about how I like to operate.  I need to be inspired!

this is what inspiration looks like!

So, I am continuing with the experiment, but on my own time table.  I started this idea back in August - I was standing in the waters of the Columbia, out at the nude beach on Sauvie’s Island, and I was struck by the desire to explore my thoughts and  experiences with sex and art.  I hoped I might learn something in the process - how sex influences creativity and vice versa.  I have since started teaching my 8-week class (on Sex & Creativity) - we are currently in week 5 - and I am learning every single day. (More on that in the next post).

Most importantly, I have learned that creativity, like good sex, takes time.  You have to set aside both time and space to allow yourself to explore.  John Cleese talks about this being the most important factors in creating anything, and I notice how true it is.  Yes, I can be creative in a pinch, I can squeeze out an assignment.  And I enjoy a quickie now and then.  But oh, to luxuriate.  To have the time to really allow something to unfold.....That’s where the magic really happens.  A whole day, a whole weekend (I’ve never given myself more than that for creativity or sex) but those times have been incredibly fruitful.  No pressure to come!  To come up with something immediately!  To just meditate and muse and masturbate.  To write and think, to stroke and touch and feel.  I’ve realized that this gift of time and space is not hedonism.  So often in my life I have had the thought, “I should be doing something productive.  Something tangible.” But now I realize how important this time really is.  It’s not a luxury.  If I want to be an artist, a good lover, it is a necessity.  I can’t set aside an hour or two a week.  I need to make art and sex priorities in my life if they are going to grow.

more inspiration

This past week I gave my class(es) and assignment.  Masturbate and freewrite.  See what happens to the quality of your writing when you come just before you create.  I’ve been practicing myself - my hands still smell of my pussy as I type (yeah, the keyboard could probably use a good cleaning, but who gives a fuck really) and I find I am looking forward to writing in a way I never have.  Honestly, I have no idea if the quality of my writing is any different - I would like to believe that it’s oh so much more lucid and insightful - but truth be told, it may have no effect on the actual words.  But the desire?  Huge.  I am writing every day now.  I have never been a regular writer.  I write because something needs written.  But since creating this association - that writing leads to orgasm and vice versa - my desire to write has exploded (pun intended).  I wake up and reach for my laptop (or I wake up and reach for myself, and then my laptop).  I write erotica to get me going.  I read erotica to jumpstart my engine.  And I am making time for sex.  At least once a week, I am off the grid.  Several hours spent in bed, just allowing my body to respond and explore and create.

Making sex and creativity my priority during this time has done wonders for both my writing habit and my sex life.  I encourage you to create time and space for both in your life too.  Whether or not you have a partner, just making room can have a profound effect.

Go out  and find yourself some inspiration.  Here's my board on Pinterest to get you started.  Tumblr has lots of fun sites full of pictures (and i've just discovered GIFS!)  Allow yourself to be influenced.  Write what comes up for you.  Or use words & pictures to inspire your own sex life.  Be curious.  See what happens.  (and tell me what you discover!)