I teach this class for selfish reasons.  I hate to write. And yet, I’m a playwright.

I gotta make it fun for myself.  (And, I NEED accountability).

I created Seducing the Muse as a container to hold the kind of stories that don’t often get told.  Because we worry about being appropriate.  “Sex is private.  That’s no one’s business”.  We fear being shamed or belittled.

But something magical happens in a group where sex is celebrated.  You can feel the release.  People’s stories start pouring out.  They release the clamp that’s been holding them back, and the creativity just flows.

Within all the stories, we find the one’s that feel most transformational.  We polish these stories, and we turn them into works of art.   At the end of six weeks, we perform these pieces for an invited audience.

It’s not for the faint of heart, or shy of sex (or hell, maybe it is!)  But there’s only a few spots left.  I am so curious who is going to join this round of rebels.  If you have questions, message me.

Or take a big ol’ leap and sign up.