Postcard - Europe

London! Brussels! Amsterdam!

I’m taking this show on the road (or rather – the skies!)  In partnership with Gabriella Cordova of Sex-Positive World, we are touring Lust & Marriage to three cities in Europe (with plans to add more in the future).

Sex-Positive World is a non-profit meet-up group with a mission to spread the love.  As you might expect, the goal is a world in which sex is seen as a joyful, healing, connective activity – and aims to create education and events that support that effort.

I’m delighted to support the mission of SPW, as it dovetails beautifully with the goals of Dance Naked Productions.   In creating Lust & Marriage, my desire was to tell a story in which the heroine learns that it IS possible to love more than one person at a time, and that while jealousy is real and painful, it doesn’t have to lead to violence or judgement or the demise of a happy relationship.  I use the device of asking Dan Savage for advice (though I don’t always take it).    I wanted to write a love story that allows for the possibility of polyamory as a viable choice (something I have never seen in traditional media).  If you’d like to see a trailer of the show –

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 2.37.11 PM

The show will be accompanied by workshops and parties, and all of the information about that can be found on the individual facebook events.   If you’ve got friends in these cities, please pass this along!

London – December 5th

Brussels – December 7th

Amsterdam – December 13th