That’s right, my darlings – we are doing a Kickstarter campaign for our next show and would LOVE to have your support! The campaign runs from Oct. 2nd-Nov.2nd and our goal is $6000.

What’s the show you’d be supporting?

Introducing Inviting Desire 2012: The Dawn of Sex!

From primates to polyamory, oxytocin to orgasm,we are exploring the fascinating world of human relationships!

Donate to our kickstarter campaign and get tickets to the show (plus a little extra love).  Or, reward yourself with a personalized digital SPANKING!  Or a HUG! (we all have different ideas about what constitutes a reward, don’t we?)

Playful, charming (and a little alarming!)our mission is to create theater about women’s sexuality that is designed to illuminate (stimulate!), educate and entertain.  A theatrical aphrodisiac that makes you think!

Our show opens November 9th at Milepost 5 Theater and runs Thurs-Sat for 3 weekends.  In order to make this show the juiciest one yet, we need your help!

Inviting Desire 2012: The Dawn of Sex has been cast. As an ensemble, we have been meeting and devising since June of this year.  We have been writing scenes and songs and monologues, improvising, playing and endlessly discussing “What is this show about?”  We have received over 200 responses to our survey asking women their thoughts and opinions about sex and relationships, and are incorporating their answers into the shape of our show.

We are working with some amazing designers to develop a piece of theater that is theatrical, funny, erotic, edgy and totally unique.

don’t worry, this is a mock up- not the ACTUAL poster.

So why do we need funds?

The money we raise from the kickstarter will go in part towards renting the performance space, paying designers, and paying the cast.  As part of our effort to make theater accessible, we keep our ticket prices low (specifically $25 – and yes, you can buy tickets HERE.  But please consider donating to our campaign and getting your ticket as a reward!  It’s a few extra bucks. But you get delightful perks and you’re really helping us make our goal).

To create an intimate theatrical experience, our space is small (a 100 cozy seats!)  and our run is short.  (Might we sell out?  Oh yes, we might, we often do, but our kickstarter peeps will have priority!) We can’t reply on projected ticket sales to pay the bills, and given the sexual nature of this production, it’s challenging to find grant money that will support the work.

All of which means, we need to raise some cash.

So, that’s where you come in.  Part of our mission statement has always been to create inclusive, interactive theater (who can forget the spankings?  The erotic hair-pulling?  The homeopathic  ecstasy we took as a group?) We want to make theater that allows our audiences to feel like they are co-creating the experience with us, because they are.

Kickstarter feels like the way to include our audience in the formation of a show, not just the end result.   You will be a part of the process.  We will keep you updated as we go.  And you’ll get to keep a special piece of the product – whether that’s a personal video hug, tickets to the show, a recording of your favorite erotica (my favorite perk!)

Come get into bed with us!

Whaddya say?  Wanna help us make some sweet sweet love?

By supporting sex-positive theater,  you help create a world where we can have more open dialogue about sex.  (And if you’re like me, you think that’s a good thing).  You can help create a world that is more inclusive and less judgmental, that embraces the erotic imagination as a source of creativity and healing.  You will have our deepest gratitude, not only for financial contributions, but just knowing we have your support is huge.  (And …we’ll tell everyone what an amazing lover you are. On facebook)!

(kidding!  Unless, you’re ok with that?)

(Even if you can’t contribute, you’re welcome to just tell everyone you did.  We don’t mind.  Facebook, twitter, google+….). Help us spread the word!
(Speaking of – do you tweet?!  #invitingdesire is all the rage with the young people)

DO it now.  You  know you want to.


What, yanna know more?

Directors – Eleanor O’Brien and Allison Tigard

Assistant Director – Annie Herring

Stage Manager – Kate Belden

CAST – Eleanor O’Brien, Ithica Tell, Trish Egan, Jade Hobbs, Shannon Brazil, and Celeste Webber.

Lights – Casi Skaugie

Sound – Mita Lupa


Nice Things Other People Say…. 

Inviting Desire explores the nature of sexual fantasy in a way that’s funny, provocative, occasionally graphic and always entertaining….a smart, funny, sexy theatre piece.
Calgary Herald

Frank, feverish and in-your-face sexual as anyone could hope to handle….a tightly choreographed and startlingly graphic exploration of female sexual fantasy…Daringly hot stuff, indeed.
Winnipeg Free Press

A fast, pleasurable jaunt through the forest of female fantasy….
The Oregonian

An extraordinarily visceral production…Inviting Desire is unlike anything else you’ll see on a Portland stage…
The Portland Mercury

It’s a brightly paced romp, funny and moving and possibly inspirational
The Willamette Week