Gratitude.  That’s it.  That’s what it’s about.   We launched a kickstarter campaign for Inviting Desire: The Dawn of Sex on Monday October 1st.  We gave ourselves 30 days to raise $6000.  Our budget is closer to 10k, but I could not imagine raising THAT much money, (I was going to go for 4k, because of kickstarter’s unique clause that unless you raise the ENTIRE amount, you don’t gt a penny).  But my best friend (and cheerleader extraordinaire)  convinced me that “People LOVE your work!”   (exact words).  So I did it.  I launched a campaign.  I kept imagining down to the wire, nail-biting scenarios where I would have to call my parents and beg them to kick in at the last minute, promising to pay them back someday.

The first day, we raised almost 2 grand.  By the end of the week, we’d raised 5.  Our kickstarter campaign was fully funded, at $6000, with 122 contributors, by day 10.  HOLY CRAP PEOPLE!  My mother keeps texting to say things like “See?  Now you can get over all your insecure bullshit about whether or not you’re any good.”  (I fail to see the connection). (Besides, my insecure bullshit is part of my charm).

I have had so much fun thanking people on facebook for their contributions.  I love including our fans in this process.  Kickstarter has been an amazing way to raise awareness of this show, and get people excited for the actual event.

Do we still need to raise more money?  Hell yeah.  Expenses keep cropping up (my god, printing out the script for everyone was close to $100!)  but I am sleeping MUCH easier about where the money is going to come from.   Now I can channel my anxiety into something productive- like creating a kickass piece of theater!

Your continued contributions are HIGHLY appreciated.  If you haven’t seen the video – take 90 seconds and watch the goofiest/sexiest kickstarter video out there.  Just getting views on our video helps boost our profile, and of course, spreading the word is totally helpful.

Sexiest/Goofiest kickstarter ever!

Thanks so much y’all!  See you at the theater!