Inviting Desire: The Dawn of Sex

back row: Shannon Brazil, Ithica Tell, Tori Padellford, Allison Tigard
front row: Celeste Weber, Eleanor O’Brien, Jade Hobbs (not pictured – Trish Egan!)

Inviting Desire: The Dawn of Sex promises to be a juicy and memorable evening of theater!   This provocative and playful performance is the perfect date for you and your significant other, your lovers-in-law, your primal horde…  And single folks just may find themselves beset with offers!  From cocktails to erotic tales,  this is an evening of theater that offers more than just a spectator experience.

Inviting Desire: The Dawn of Sex explores relationships, in all their delightful permutations.  Taking our cue from the bonobos, we’ll explore group sex, play on the poly playground, and make monogamy the hottest thing since strap-ons.  We delight in the variety and style of human sexuality, and seek to illuminate and celebrate the differences.  We are not here to advocate for one over another, but to honor and revel in all the ways we humans turn ourselves on.  We offer you a sexual buffet from which sampling is encouraged, (if only in the imagination!)

The show opens November 9th, 2012 at Milepost 5*, and runs Thursdays-Saturdays through December 1st (we just extended!)  Curtain is at 8pm, but doors open at 7pm for pre-show cocktails.    Thursday performances will be followed by a Q&A.   Come for an evening of entertainment, libations and getting your groove on!  Tickets are $25

Oh, and every audience member gets a free VIP pass to Club Sesso (just in case you’ve been curious..)

* The entrance to the theater is on Oregon St. between 81st and 82n Avenues.  (Just off I-84!)

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  1. […] Six months ago when I went down to Los Angeles for a reading of my play, Open, I just couldn’t get over how similar it was to riding a bike.  There I was: creating, collaborating, crafting, with old friends in Hollywood as if I’d never left.  As if my ten-year, four-child hiatus had never happened.  I returned to Portland  feeling brave, invigorated, inspired.  And so on the very eve of my return I turned up at an audition, the first one in almost – you guessed it – ten years.  I have no idea how/why I even knew about it.  But I knew that having gotten myself there, having  tossed aside a standby monologue in favor of an improvised story, having swung big, very big – the experience in and of itself was a victory.  The icing on the cake was that I actually got the job and became part of the seven-woman devised theatre ensemble that would create and perform Inviting Desire 2012 – The Dawn of Sex. […]

  2. Run, don’t walk to the computer to get your tickets right now!. What? You haven’t gone yet? Shame on you! This is the show not to miss. I CAN’T WAIT to be titillated, thrilled, moved, shaken, and stirred and I hope you will join me. Gabriella Cordova, Sex Positive PDX

  3. As heterosexual women we are surrounded by sexualized images our whole lives of women only, and never or rarely attractive men. I am only interested in and will only pay for events with no women or non-sexualized women in non revealing or tight clothes, and I will pay for events with very attractive men only, and not any where men are not attractive or un-sexualized. Most hetero women just want to convince me Im wrong and I should be attracted to both – what BS. This is not homophobia. Please dont talk me out of my desire – women have been doing that my whole life too. Yes I know I can start my own events or theater – but what do you offer for me? – Anything? Thank you

  4. Saw the show last night. It was awesome! Funny, sexy, emotional, well acted, did I say sexy yet? I highly recommend this show to anyone who loves the subject of sex. Warning: those who are prudish, it just might make you blush.

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