Lust & Marriage Launch Party! Dance Naked on Memorial Day!

Memorial day image.001

 This is going to be a launch party unlike ANY you’ve ever attended!

Let’s send of Eleanor and Lust & Marriage in Dance Naked style! On Memorial Day (May 25th) we will gather at Collins Beach on Sauvie’s Island from 2pm-5pm, where we will meet, mingle, swim and DANCE!  Brooklyn Kayce of Seattle’s Dance Embodied will provide the tunes.  BYOB and towel!


(We will try our best to mark the gathering at Collins with PINK balloons, but do check for updates on the facebook page).

You are welcome to keep your clothes on, but you will be required to DANCE!  ; )


Be Seen – Seducing the Muse Recital

There is something vital about being witnessed.   Something intrinsically human and necessary.  And yet, we live is a society that does not encourage showing up as our sexual selves.    Forget encouraged, many of us are actively shamed.  We learn to hide our desire, our curiosity, our confusion.   We stop asking questions, we stop sharing stories.  We forget that sex is a form of play.

Seducing the Muse is an active experience of reclaiming our stories and engaging the erotic imagination.  It’s a whole weekend of exploring “What if?” and “This one time…” and “What AM i curious about?”  It’s games and improv and writing on the page and on our feet.

The stories that emerge are so fucking precious.  Vulnerable and raw and compelling.  Diving into your own sexual landscape is a fascinating experience – and hearing the journey of others is an opportunity few people get.

The three day workshop begins with finding the metaphor for your erotic life in the present.  But we also delve into the past, the future, and into the imagination.  We play games that help us elude the critics and the tribal voices reminding us that sex is shameful, lust is a deadly sin.  We reject those voices, and claim our own stories.

And it is that claiming that is ultimately so powerful.  Every person’s share is different.  Some are wildly personal, poignant, powerful.  Some are hilarious.  Some are flights of fancy – and exploration of an alter-ego, a poem from deep inside.

But the act of sharing, of allowing ourselves to be seen as sexual beings, is by far the most powerful element of this workshop.  The audience is select – only trusted friends and family.  As Dr. Brene Brown says in her work around vulnerability – you don’t want to share your tender self with just anyone.  These are people who have earned our trust, and we extend to them the gift of witness.

Last night, every person in the workshop shared a piece.  For the first time we had 100% participation, though the request is optional.

Gwenn Cody and I, the co-facilitators, watched as our fellow travelers got to their feet one by one, some with hands shaking, some holding back tears, and showed up.  Showed up as brave and beautiful humans, sexual beings who were no longer willing to hide this powerful part of who they are.

I am more proud of this work than any performance I have ever created.  I am honored to my core to be a midwife to creative expression.  I am grateful to Gwenn for the depth and the insight she brings to the process, and to all the brave travelers that stepped out of their comfort zone and into the light of awareness.  It’s transformational play.  I hope someday you’ll join us.

Eleanor O'Brien, Dance Naked Artistic Director
Eleanor O’Brien, Dance Naked Artistic Director

Idea Sex (or the joy of creative collaboration)


I’ve been a bit caught up in figuring out how to market Seducing the Muse, the workshop I am facilitating with Gwenn Cody.    I’m been struggling with my own creativity.  How to give it space and time when  I don’t feel drawn to writing, even though I have projects that need my attention.  I have a hard time shutting myself up in a room and making myself Be Creative.

Friday night I hosted a party that reminded me of one of the greatest sources of creative  inspiration available – collaboration.

Some background –

I’m in a group on Facebook called Sex Culture Revolutionaries, started by a woman named Poly Superstar, and in that group there was a lively thread discussing porn.  Specifically, why porn gives some of us the heebie-jeebies (this conversation was inspired by Russel Brand’s video about porn addiction).  A man named Andrew Sullivan wrote the following:

But my real issue with porn (even so-called ‘feminist porn’) is that it focuses on what sex looks like and not what it feels like. There is no understanding of how to use sex as a narrative tool and how to shoot, edit and score performances so that they elevate and arouse the entire system. Standard porn is the visual equivalent of a run-on sentence.I think if porn had better grammar (broader intellectual scope) there would be a better discussion about the various needs porn either serves or doesn’t. Right now, the adult industry is essentially releasing one violent action movie after another. I think this is about to change, however:

Turns out this guy is the director of the the movie Marriage 2.0.  I went to the link and watched the trailer – it’s a film about a couple with an open marriage, and features both a story, and sex.  This is something that I’ve wanted to find forever in the movies (and was thrilled when Shortbus came out.  And as most of you know, I’m also a huge fan of Hump).

So I invited a couple of friends to have a viewing party (thanks Alex, for cohosting!).

The director contacted me and offered to skype with us before or after the movie, if we wanted to ask questions or share our experience.  I said “Of course!”  How cool, I thought, to get to hear from the director!

Turns out, my idea for an intimate party grew to over 40 people.    Friends brought lovers, and food ,and whiskey, and more friends,  and the evening blossomed into a happening.

At 8:30, with a living room full to bursting,  we tried to contact the director on Skype.  My friend Alex had set up the screen so that it projected onto a wall.  Unfortunately, Andrew wasn’t available, so we went on to screen the movie, and figured we’d talk to him after.   We streamed from the website hosting it, and for the first 15 minutes or so, all was well.  There seemed to be something of a story, and the sex scene we watched, while not drastically different than much of the porn I’ve seen, felt effective, respectful.  Arousing even.  There would be occasional stalls in the buffering, and we made the rule that when the video was stalled, you had to snuggle someone nearby.  We made the most of the technological glitches.  But about 15 minutes in – the streaming went kaput.  We couldn’t get it to load.

So there I was with a group of snuggly people, all looking at me expectantly.  What are we going to do now, fearless leader?

It was a terrifying moment.

The truth is, I am an entertainer, and I love to facilitate people having fun and playing games, but I am not an improv artist.  I love to have a script, a plan, I love to feel prepared.  I felt like I got caught with my pants down.  I didn’t have the first idea what we  (all 40+ of us) should do instead.  Make our own porn?

So I did what I could – I suggested different games we could play, different improv exercises we might try.  A few people jumped up to volunteer, or tell stories.  We had some good laughs, but it felt rocky.  I’m not particularly good at inventing games on the spot, and having such a huge group of people felt unwieldy.

I kept breathing and trying not to panic and think “I don’t have to figure this out on my own.  Trust that something will come up.  This much arousal and creativity in the room – something is bound to work”.

We decided to take a break.  People got up and got food, started talking to each other.  And a friend of mine said, “What if we play something like ‘I never?’  We could write down a bunch of scenarios, and have people read them outloud.  And then if you HAVE done it, you could act it out.”  Another friend said “Yeah, or what if you HAVE done the thing, you have to kiss someone near you?”  This was getting good.  I said, “what if instead of acting it out, we invited people who HAD done the thing to tell a story about it, if they want to?”  (Logistically, I knew this would work better than trying to act it out).

We quickly got paper and pens and began writing.  (We changed it from I Never to I’ve Never to leave room for the potential of it happening someday!).

I’ve never made a woman come.

I’ve never had sex with 2 people at once.

I’ve never had sex with someone who’s name I didn’t know.

I’ve never come from riding a horse.

I’ve never gotten turned on watching porn.  

We had a whole bowl full of slips of paper in a matter of minutes.  We gathered everyone back in the living room, and one by one, passed the bowl. (My friend Callay spearheaded this- and she was awesome at getting people to participate).  Each person got to read a statement, and sometimes, they’d kiss someone near them.  Often the whole room either kissed someone, or got kissed.  And there were some WONDERFUL stories.   We heard about a night of spanking sailers, and anal beads that got caught and experimenting with a cat licking your pussy.  The stories were so funny and real and honest and intimate.  The entire party took on a very different feel.

Everyone got to participate to the level they felt comfortable.  Everyone got to play.   We left that night feeling closer to one another, and that we had created our own entertainment.

As much as I want to see what happens in the movie, I’m so grateful that the internet prevented us from being passively entertained.

We participated in something very special that night – the birth of a brand new party game.  All because some ideas got together, and had sex.  They inspired and evolved, affected and changed one another.

Collaboration.  When you’re tired of trying to make it happen on your own, ask a friend to brainstorm.  Bring in a someone who’s mind turns you on, and sparks your own creative fire.   That’s the lesson I walked away with.  That, and I have some incredibly sexy friends.

P.S.  In a weird zeitgeist of the Universe, turns out Ellen played a version of this on her show last week!  She had Madonna on as a guest, and announces they are going to play “Never Have I Ever.”  Then she says, “It’s always fun to play with more than two people, so let’s bring out Justin Beiber!”  (the crowd goes wild).  She then gives them statements like “Had Phone Sex” and they have a paddle that says I Have or I Have Never.  I learned more about Justin Beiber in two minutes than I ever have.  I LOVE GAMES!

P.S.S There are 3 spots left in Seducing the Muse (April 10-12).  If you are feeling inspired to get creative, save your spot NOW.  Early bird special ends Mach 23rd.

The “What Is Erotic?” Erotic Selfie contest!

The “What Is Erotic?” Erotic Selfie contest!

And we have a winner!  Scroll down to the bottom to find out who won the What Is Erotic? Selfie contest!

erotic selfie1


Dance Naked Productions is premiering a brand new show called What Is Erotic? This show is a curated cabaret of artists answering that provocative question!  There will be storytelling, stand-up, performance poetry, sexy scenes, song and dance.   Trust me when I promise you that there is something for EVERYBODY.   What I have loved about putting this show together is the vast spectrum of answers, in all kinds of artistic expression.  It’s freaking fascinating.  And in honor of the theme, we are holding a contest!  YOU can win tickets or a DVD of the show!

Show Dates: 

Previews – Jan. 27th & 28th (Fertile Ground Festival)

Premiers: February 12th, 13th & 14th

Location: The Headwaters – 55 NE Farragut St. Portland, OR

Tickets: $15-$25  – GET TICKETS! (this show will sell out!)

Join the What Is Erotic? event on Facebook to see all the other entries!

So much for logistics. Onto the


Rules – you don’t mind it being posted on this blog or facebook (we will be discrete and only post ones on fb that are SFFB – Safe For Facebook!- no nipples/genitals or butts).  You may be as anonymous as you like.  (but provide contact info in case you win!)

Winners drawn by lottery January 26th.

Untitled 2

Check back here for more entries!  We are posting new ones all the time (and head over the the facebook event to see some of the tamer entries!)

(Scroll all the way down if you are looking for graphic)

Click here to  Send in YOUR selfie by January 26! Or if you are feeling shy, then just GET TICKETS!

(These are a few of the favorites over on the Facebook page)



The power of nipples….

heather jo

image-6 image-4


Especially beautifully adorned nipples!


Not totally naked..


AH, the mystique of black and white –


The guys are getting braver! (at first it was only women, but not anymore!)



Ooh, some peeks at the underworld….


(not exactly a selfie, but we’ll let that go)



This was the first entry by a guy!  SO delighted that a fellow stepped up.  And it’s not JUST a shot of his cock!




Today’s theme is clearly the luscious eroticism of boobies!







Photo on 8-21-14 at 5.07 PM copy







Bottoms up!

image-2 image1-1 image3




Who is this masked dick licker?


Speaking of licks…


Oh, this one is close to genius!


A tempting tease…IMG_6934

and for the leg (wo)men….



Okay – I’ll admit I’ve been having a moral dilemma about cock shots.  Here’s the thing – I don’t love cock shots.  I FEEL SO BAD SAYING THAT.   But maybe it’s cuz over on Fetlife, so many guys send you their cock shots and I can’t help but wonder, “What makes you think this is hot?”  but that of course is MY opinion.    I mean, I love cock.  I really do.   But I somehow don’t find cock shots all that erotic.  But you know what? Who am I to make that choice? Interestingly,  only one woman sent a pussy shot and I kind of mentally censored that too.   So I’m going to post a smattering of the cock (and pussy!) shots I’ve received, and let you may make own decisions.  And apologies to any cock who’d feelings i’ve hurt.

Here they are, in all their glory….

down here at the bottom of the post.


Scroll down for delicious dick and tangy pussy, my lovelies.

Cocky Steering-1

IMG_4134 IMAG0438 WHAT IS EROTIC-1 8084269246_5746d071b9_b heavy lifting NR IMAG0504 WHAT IS EROTIC 2 IMG_20150114_083543

IMG_1439 NR Displaying It-1

1398320414462.2 waterproofed06


And remember, if you are in Portland, GET TICKETS! to What Is Erotic?

We are going to have so much freakin’ fun!


YOU MADE IT TO THE BOTTOM!!  I hope your eyes are filled with the beauty of your fellow humans.  Aren’t people lovely?  And brave?  To me, there is nothing more erotic than people claiming their own eroticism.  And now, to announce the contest winner…


I give you….

Photo on 8-21-14 at 5.07 PM copy
The Erotic Selfie Contest Winner!

(If this if your selfie – you will be contacted by me, Eleanor, to claim your prize!)  To all those that entered – bless  you.  Thank you.  I had such a wonderful time checking my email these past few weeks!

If you didn’t win and would still like to see the show, there are a few tickets still available!  Come see the live version of the erotic selfie!


The Sex Museum in Amsterdam.  It’s no work of art.

The Sex Museum in Amsterdam. It’s no work of art.

So I’m in Amsterdam at the moment.   My friend Gabriella invited me to join her on a whirlwind tour of Europe.  Our goal?  to help seed Sex-Positive Meet-Ups groups (her mission is to make the world a more sexually liberated place.  We are here to proselytize!)  I’m doing my show Lust & Marriage (a polyamorous love story) on Saturday night, but until then, we’re playing tourist.

So of COURSE we went to the Sex Museum.  We are here to pay homage to the most liberated city in Europe! Home of the famous red light district! (Speaking of the Red Light district – walking through that neighborhood last night felt a lot like walking though a zoo.  I got the same queasy/fascinated feeling – I didn’t want to look – so many girls in lingerie staring at their phones.  There’s something sort of soulless about it. But…I’m glad it exists…. I think.  I suppose I always struggle a bit with sex & commerce.  I wish no one had to pay for it).

Welkom to the Sex Museum boys and girls!
Welkom to the Sex Museum boys and girls!

But I was talking about the sex museum.  So for 4 Euro (not bad entry fee I must say) you walk into a world of giant cocks, mannequins giving handjobs, tiny figurines fucking, Marilyn Monroe & Mata Hari dioramas, endless old brown photographs from the last century, comic strips, and an odd assortment of erotic art.  It is enormously hetero.  A small collection of gay male erotica and a smattering of lesbian art (Which is one of the few things that actually struck ME as sexy). (That and the images of women touching themselves).

I personally would love to see more “Sex from around the world” – different cultures take on sexuality.  I’d love to see more how attitudes to sex have changed over the generations, and how it varies from country to country.   I’d love to see more art that actually turned me on- but who knows – maybe the plastic tits on the wall turned SOMEONE on.

But, I’m glad there is a Sex Museum at all.  you gotta start somewhere.  I share with you some of my favorite images…

(this is a ridiculous 10 sec video of a animated mannequin handjob, complete with jerky machine sounds)

I kinda loved this twirling statue of Rudolph Valentino in some tango movie  – on one side it’s all very innocent….


and then it slowly turns to reveal…!  (I think this is the photo that may get me banned again from facebook.  I took it down almost immediately – but it had already been flagged. )


This is the Red Light district of old….mature ladies smiling and beckoning and wearing some sexy version of Mormon underwear.  Now they are all barely 20, clad in g-strings,  and making no eye contact.  Again, I guess it’s sexy to some, but it just struck me as so sad.  Girls in cages.

Can’t remember what this mannequin was suppose to represent.  But I was appalled at the pubic hair fail!

IMG_4466 IMG_4465

(C’mon docents!  Do your due dilegence!   Actually, all the pubic hair in the entire museum was kind of odd.  Like they were wearing merkins – Madame Tussaud’s it is not).

Here is a peek into the life of a woman who holds herself in a bondage position and seems to have goat ears.  I’m not sure quite…  Not judging!



The toilet itself was a work of art.  IMG_4448


and then I found actual toilet art.



This series kills me.  The expressions!

IMG_4453 IMG_4452 IMG_4451 IMG_4450

I appreciated the art that celebrated women of size.


A few of them actually turned me on (I have a thing for cockatoo?)


This was probably my favorite.  Seemed the most honest somehow.


This one of of the only images of a male orgy – I tried to capture it but it’s a line drawing from a book, so kind of faint.


Cocks in general were well represented however.


From the very tiny…


to the Costco size.


All in all,  an entertaining hour.  But for an activity that is at the core of human existence, kinda weak.  Social archeologists – get on it!  We have so much to learn!