Lust & Marriage – Goes On Tour!

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Does hot monogamy exist? Can polyamory save the happily ever after?

#WWDSD? (“What Would Dan Savage Do?”)

Lust & Marriage, a new solo show by Dance Naked Productions artistic director Eleanor O’Brien, explores the search for love, lust and life partners. Coming off  a smash opening run at Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival (Engrossing…. O’Brien recounts it all with verve and zip and generous heaps of humor…- Willamette Week) Lust & Marriage is now going on tour!


Los Angeles, CA – May 16th & 17th at 8pm (Promenade Playhouse)* GET TICKETS HERE

Seattle, WA – June 5th – 14th (Theater off Jackson) *GET TICKETS HERE


Me and Dan Savage becoming best friends



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Sex & Creativity Class Recital! Dec. 6th & 7th!

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All good things must come.

To an end.

A glorious, celebratory end!

The two co-current Sex & Creativity Classes (one all women, one mixed gender) are having a joint CLASS RECITAL!

DATE/TIME: Friday and Saturday, Dec. 7th & 8th at 8pm!  (Doors open at 7:30)
LOCATION: The Lighbox Kulturhaus – 2027 NE MLK Blvd, Portland OR 97212
(behind  Tiny’s Coffee House)

COST: $10, tickets are only available at the door (extremely limited seating!)

We have been meeting and playing and talking and writing for the past 8 weeks.  We have explored many aspects of our erotic imaginations. We have spent time plumbing our own erotic depths.

Now, it’s time to share.

4.Trilogy by Nic Green photocredit Colin Hattersley.JPGThis recital is an opportunity for participants in the class to share an aspect of something they’ve discovered about themselves and their sexual persona.  This is a chance to be witnessed and seen, not shamed or hidden away.    There have been many revelations and transformations throughout this process.  Many stories never told, many fantasies half-developed, have been given the warm glow of attention and acceptance.   Along side of variety of homework assignments (memorize an erotic poem, make a list of the words you consider taboo, check out Fetlife) we have explored the practice of using masturbation to fuel free-writing (and as a reward for having written!).

The recital is full of personal revelation, alter-egos, songs, poems, monologues and scenes.  It’s funny and poignant and fascinating – and there is guaranteed to be a moment you think “me too!“  It’s real people, sharing truly vulnerable parts of what makes them sexual, erotic beings.   This is not a *show* like Inviting Desire.   The pieces aren’t memorized, there is no choreography.  It’s not slick.  It’s real.  It’s authentic.   It’s human.

I hope you can make it.   I chose this venue for the intimate nature, so seating is extremely limited (a cozy 50 people, max!).  The goal with this class has not been to create a product, but to explore a process.  Now, we share a piece of that process with you.

And the Daily Stroke?  (the writing/masturbating class assignment) really works! I write SO MUCH more than I used to.  Honestly, I don’t know if I’m writing any better, but I’m enjoying it more!

If you’re interested in taking a class like this in the future, please make sure you are on the mailing list!

(extremely basic form below).

Spankings and hugs,


Eleanor O’Brien, Dance Naked Productions artistic director

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Sex & Creativity: Humpfest!!


Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 3.51.23 PM

There exists in the magical land of the northwest, a very special event that serves as something of the Sex & Creativity OLYMPICS.  That event is known as Humpfest, an amature local porn festival.

For those living in Alabama, I’ll illuminate.  In brief, people from Portland to Seattle and many surrounding buroughs submit their homemade porn.  For three days in the fall, the finalists (around a dozen +) are showcased at Cinema 21, Portland’s premier art house movie theater.  The shows sell out almost the moment tickets go on sale – there are viewings going from noon to midnight.  This event is legendary.  Everyone wants in.

The rules for the audience are simple.  No cell phones.  Don’t be an asshole.  Cheer people on.  (Actually, I can’t remember what the third rule is but I like Cheer People On.)  The idea is that people who have participated in these films know that they will be destroyed at the end of the festival, and there is no chance that they will live forever on the internet.  Or as Dan Savage says, “Porn star for a weekend, not for a lifetime.”

I have been to Hump the last few years and I absolutely love the experience.  To be in a room of hundreds of people with a huge variety of sexual backgrounds and appetites, all watching a variety of porn, much of which is probably not what you bring up on your screen at home, thrills me.  This is how we grow as a culture – this is a hothouse of tolerance.  My favorite movie is Shortbus, for much the same reason (if you haven’t seen it – you MUST!).  But Humpfest is even better than watching Shortbus because it’s such a shared experience.  The people who made the films are in the audience.  It’s so exciting to feel people squirm around you, in desire and discomfort.

This year was particularly special for me as I had gotten to participate in making a film.  My friend T announced last spring she was making a film for Humpfest and would I be in it?

“Of course” I said without a moment’s hesitation.  I adore her – she and I used to work together at a restaurant, and I have met few people as positive and exuberant.  She is truly a joy to be around, and I’d pretty much sign up for any project she was involved in.

A few weeks later she shows up at work breathless with excitement.  “I wrote the script” she announces.  “You are going to be the lead!”

Better and better!

In the manner of classic porn, the script is somewhat short on plot.  It involves a young woman running in the woods, being shot down by dildos and captured by a gang of wild amazonian lesbian breast fetishists (hereto after known as the Tata tribe).  They rough her up, and slap her about with their massive breasts.  The slap leaves a telltale bruise – the shape of a nipple on her cheek, the sign she may be one of them.  They put her through a variety of “skill tests” which involved licking peanut butter out of armpits, passing water balloons with no hands, and extreme close-up cunnilingus (had I known it was going to be that close up, I would have waxed).    I was the Queen of the Tatas, sort of like a Johnny Depp of the forest, with shades of Mae West.  Image


I had a BALL making this film, one weekend on the banks of the Breitenbush River.   Half a dozen naked girls splashing about in the river for a weekend? On Mushrooms?  TRULY UNFORGETTABLE.

Alas, our brilliant masterpiece of Nature Porn cut didn’t make it in.  Apparently Hump was highly competitive this year in the outdoor lesbian category (3 films featured a woman running through the forest).  And there was some question of racist overtones (apparently our finale of dancing round the campfire chanting TATAs TATAs might be perceived as mocking the Native Americans?)  In any case, we would all go to SEE hump together as a team, reuniting the cast.
A round of drinks at the local pub before hand had everyone in high spirits, we walked en masse down to Cinema 21, and jetting upstairs to the balcony, we managed to secure 2 whole rows for our gang (minus the couple in the very middle which must have been somewhat  odd for them).    We had arrived slightly early, and as there was time to kill before the show started, T and I hit the bathroom (plus, you never want to have to get up and leave the theater during Hump!)  Going into the women’s restroom I had a conversation with a woman about GoStools, and she expressed an interest in getting one (I sent her to the website).  One of the two stalls was out of service as someone had dropped an unflushable load and conversation turned to poop (I didn’t start it!) She merely said something about it looked like some had tried to flush, to no avail, and should she try again?, she might overflow…. then she began to apologized for her level of detail, I of course said “There’s no such thing as TMI!” and that’s how the poop conversation started.

As I left the one stall bathroom, she was just finishing washing her hands, I said “Happy Pooping!” At that moment,  a man walked up to the closet next to the door to the women’s restroom, trying to insert a key.

That man was none other than Dan Savage.

For those of you who don’t know who Dan Savage is (Is that even possible?  Do they read this blog in Abu Ghraib?)  Dan Savage is the most articulate, funny, wise, compassionate, opinionated, HONEST, authentic sex advice columnist on the planet.  He is my idol.  I once auditioned for a play he directed years ago at The Rebar in Seattle (the funniest production of King John that ever was).  He writes the Savage Love column in The Stranger, and is sydicated in alternative newspapers all over the country.   He has a podcast where he answers questions every week.  He writes books, he’s a political animal, he agitates for sexual freedoms.  I’ve actually met him a few times – at his book signing at Powell’s this year, and I introduced myself at last year’s Humpfest (he is the opening Master of Ceremonies every year).  My show GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies is somewhat of a nod to the phrase he coined GGG (the ideal lover- someone who is GOOD, GIVING, and GAME for anything within reason).

So meeting Dan Savage is a big deal for me.  As he stood there, struggling with his key, I said “OH MY GOD, YOU’RE DAN SAVAGE.” like an idiot.

“Yes I am” he rejoined, somewhat bemused by my enthusiasm.

“Your my…my totem figure….my greatist artistic inspiration – I want to play you in my next show – I want you to be my fairy godfather – I’ve been thinking of calling the show “The Night Dan Savage Kissed Me” would that be ok?  Would you mind?”

I couldn’t help myself.  The words wouldn’t stop coming.  I knew I sounded like a crazed fan (I want to BE you! Play you in the story of my life!  I’m stalking you and your family!) I stopped short of asking if I could kiss him (or rather, would he kiss me, and make my dream come true?)  I was interrupted by a woman behind me saying “Can I get a photo with you?”

“Sure” he most graciously acquiesced , undoubtedly as relieved as I to be freed from the torture of my hero worship.  I got out my phone too, to take a selfie of my own, but as I opened the camera on my phone – the MEMORY FULL banner flashed, rendering my camera useless.  Why WHY WHY???? Why did the memory have to be full THAT moment?  OH yeah, because I had made a personal porno the night before!

Oh you guys, this 3 minute snippet that I treasured. That I would never be able to recreate.  A memory SO fucking hot – I actually considered posting it on Make Love Not Porn as there are no faces.  I hesitated before I went to erase it  – just for a second! -  and the moment was gone.  Dan slipped inside the office that wasn’t a closet after all, and was lost to me.

But I talked to him!  Even if I sounded like a doofus – I talked to his beautiful face!  And when I mentioned the title of my possible show,  he said “Like the Night Larry Kramer kissed me?”  He got it!  He understood the homage!

And then,  HUMP began!  Oh, it’s so hard to do it justice.  It’s such a unique experience.  In the balcony, a call and response chant started as they played the opening credits.  A loud male voice calling “Give me an O”.  “O!”  “Give me an R”. “R!” on  though G and Y. “What does that spell?” he bellowed.  “ORGY!” the voices chanted back.  “What does that require?” “TEAMWORK!”  A beautiful beginning!

The films thenselves were a marvelous expression of erotic creative energy.  So many brilliant ideas!  The level of artistic expression is remarkable high.  There are so few duds  (and by duds I mean films that doen’t engage on SOME level).   (I’ll make a list of the films and my impressions of them at the end of this post).
My favorites were a gay romance told backwards (starting with some super hot sex and fastbackwarding to meeting at a bar), a couple literally playing with fire, and the story of an overweight trucker-type man named Gabe who becomes a fluffer, and is legendary in porn circles for his ability to make anyone hard.

At the end of the evening, everyone gets to vote for their favorites.  The catagories are best kink, best sex, funniest, and best in show.  The results should actually come out next week!  (I’ll indicate my votes in the list below). (And when they do come out, I’ll update this post).

What happened after the show was over was equally surreal and fabulous.  As I came down into the lobby, once again DAN SAVAGE was heading in the opposite direction.  And he was stopped by someone asking to taking a photo!  Seeing this as my redemtive moment,  I immediately got out my phone, and declared “I’m erasing this porn for YOU!” My masturpiece – gone to the ether! HE asked the woman standing there if she would take our picture, the hilarious results of which you can see here.
IMG_4029 IMG_4030 IMG_4031
But wait – there’s more!  He asked me what I thought of the show, and said “Liitle too much face-jizz for my liking (there really was), but overall – super brilliant!”

to which he replied “You should make a film.”

“Oh,” I cried, “I did, we made a little lesbian flick about Jigglepuff and the Tatas.”

“Riiiiigggght….YOU were the leader of the tribe!”

“YES!” I blushed, “You recognize me!”

“Yeah, we met last year, you were doing a show but I couldn’t come.  I hope we’re both in the same city when you’re doing a show sometime.”

“Oh Dan,” I gushed, “I would so love that.”

“Hey, just so you know” he leaned in conspiratorially, “You should submit again next year.  There was a lot of competition this year for lesbian porn, next year maybe….”

“Oh, I’ve got lots of ideas for next year!” I yelped. “I’m teaching a sex and creativity workshop!” I went on, “Hump is like the sex and creativity olympics!”

He seemed about to speak, and then someone else came up for a photo, and I was swept up into the tide of humanity.

I was just about bursting with happiness – I met him twice in one night!  I got a photo!  He remembered me!!!  It was so freaking thrilling.

And then a  women appeared in front of me that I knew…. intimately….

“Hi!”  we both cried at one another, certain we had some common history, though at first neither of us seemed to recognize what that might be.  And then simultaneously the knowledge dawned – she had fitted me for an IUD at Planned Parenthood only the day before!  We had been intimate!  We laughed and shared a hug and compared our favorites entries (She loved Fuck.  See below).

My tribe of fellow castmates disbanded, several off to dancethe night away, me ….I floated home with my sweetheart – high on the Dan Savage/Humpfest vibration.   I CAN NOT WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR!

And now, the round-up


(I found this compilation on the Mercury website and I’m using it jumpstart my own memory.  My comments will be in color)
The Legend of Gabe Harding

The hilariously blowjobby story of one man who earned fame and respect among his peers in the pornography industry for his unparalleled ability to fluff any flagging penis back to life.

This was a total crowd favorite – perfect choice to go first.  The Gabe in question is an overweight trucker type who gives blowjobs to all cummers.  When he dies and goes to heaven, the angels all sing “Blow Gabriel, Bloooooowwww!”  SO GOOD!  Would not surprise me if this won Best in Show

Sex House

You’ve all been to this kind of hipster house party: There’s a bong, a bunch of hot twentysomethings with nose rings drinking cheap beer, and a couple of young women multitasking cunnilingus and joint smoking on the upstairs toilet.

Somewhat hot young lesbian action (our competition!).  No story to speak of – just hooking up.  Authentic?  Suppose so.  But not the most creative film (I’m so bitter!)


One of the entries that exemplifies this year’s unofficial “sex in the woods” theme, this flick features a couple with acrobatic levels of skill and courage in the bondage and suspension department. Hope that tree branch is sturdy!

I can’t say I loved this piece.  The bondage was pretty -I’m a fan of shibari (on other people), but the cast of characters didn’t draw me in.  A big domme type ties up his sub.  On a tree in the woods.  He swings her around.  He jumps on and swings with her.  Neither of them smile ONCE.  I mean, c’mon.  That’s gotta be kinda fun, right?  Played into the “BDSM as serious business” cliche that I don’t love.  I wanted to see them enjoy themselves!


This film stars Columbia University’s marching band (yes, really), and without giving too much away, let’s say that two of its members wind up making beautiful music together… but not how you’d probably expect.

Oh my god, so funny.  Starts out documentary style about a man who has a clarinet for a cock.  Women run from him – he has to finger it himself.  Until he meets….a woman with an accordian for a cunt!  Super clever and delightful.  And strangely kind of arousing.  I voted for this one for funniest.

Art Primo

Beautiful, diverse women, poetic camerawork, perfect skin, nudity, light sweat, playful slapping, and excellent accessory styling—it’s hard to imagine anyone who couldn’t find something to like about this little slice of all-women erotica.

Meh.  Lots of caressing of breasts.  I was unmoved.  (I didn’t care about the characters!  Because there were none!)

Planet Girth

This… is difficult to explain. It’s animated, and there are rabbits (animals are okay if they’re only same-species fucking), and then… things get a little bit weird. Bonus: You might learn something about rabbit anatomy.

Animated rabbit fucking morphs into bunny-like creatures from another planet – their fucking leads to a portal opening up to a different dimension in which Hillary Clinton is a huge weird alien creature.   The drawing was cool.   Wouldn’t really catagorize it as porn.  But then – that’s not surprising.  Porn is whatever you make it, right?

Tran Am: Laid Over

In one of the most stylish films of the festival, extremely well-put-together cross-dressing flight attendants have their way with a very handsome pilot after knocking back a few cocktails in the hotel courtyard.

Ok, this was kind of clever – the trans women of Trans Am, but I didn’t find it believable.  I didn’t really feel the desire between the flight attendants and the pilot.  I thought it seemed forced. And honestly, I didn’t believe the actors!  I didn’t believe they were transwomen.  They seemed like gay guys playing dress up.  Which is not the same thing!  I know, I know.  I’m being a little picky. 

Maybe Me Time

A woman masturbates alone, and as her fantasies develop, hands appear, then other women, and at least one man, until the scene becomes a full-on bisexual orgy. This one gets the award for “Most Epic O-Face.”

I took the note on this film that when I shoot a porn,  make sure to look at the camera.  It was kinda hot – her masturbation morphing into a group grope – but i wanted to see her eyes!


In this professional-grade short film, a naked BBW performs original slam poetry about… wait, can you guess by the title?

What I loved about this was the woman rolling around on screen while the poem played over the footage.  She was large and voluptuous – and her desire felt palpable.  I loved seeing a big woman getting off on herself- her flesh was so succulent and warm.  You just kinda wanted to crawl on screen with her. 

Japanese Catholic Lesbian School Girls in Love

The title of this animated flick pretty much says it all, but look out for a tentacular twist toward the end (with apologies to Hillary Clinton*).

Finally I got to see some ainme syle porn!  So over the top – very funny.

Bedtime Stories

Imagine what it would look like if classic tales like “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” were reenacted by… you know, the other kind of bears. The kind with erections.

HOT!  I loved this one.  I think because what really gets me going is watching people fucking who really love fucking, fucking the people they love to fuck.  That was so clear in this one.  These guys really enjoy each other.   I loved how they all fell asleep together at the end – hot and sweet.  And in the credits I saw that my friend Keystone was one of the camera men!  SO PROUD!

Inspired Surreality

There are a lot of films outside of the hetero-normative norm at HUMP!, and “fuck yes” to that—but there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of classic attractive-girl-on-attractive-guy action. These two are shooting for pro-levels!

Boring.  My LEAST favorite film of the whole night.  A woman in a red bustier and fake nails blows a cliche studly guy and he jizzes on her face.  How is this any different from anything I could find on the internet?

Fun with Fire

It wouldn’t be HUMP! if there weren’t at least one film that made you squirm a little bit, and unless mixing highly flammable flash cotton with bare-naked flesh is your thing, this might be the one!

Oh my god, so good.  This film started with a tiny scrap of paper lying on top of a girl’s shaved pubis.  Her tatooted boyfriend lights it on fire.  Then he makes HER light one on herself.  (Hotter and hotter!)  The paper gets larger and larger and the drama goes higher and higher.  SUPER effective!  (I voted best Kink for this one).

Porn All the Time

A little comic relief in the form of an amateur rapper telling it like it is about how he uses his free time. Bonus for performing it in socks and track pants, which is a really good porn-watching outfit.

Kind of a funny music video, who’s main trope is that guys love porn and women are offended by it (which is obviously not true, given the demographic of Humpfest!) Though I will say, I do find the coming all over someone’s face A BIT MUCH.

Daddy’s Dolls

An artful, somewhat disturbing gender-queer romp involving broken Victorian dolls, a bathtub full of wine, and pee. You can take it!

artsy fartsy porn.  You can almost hear the conversation happening in the cafe of the Pacific College of Northwest Art.  “We should make a porn for Humpfest! Yeah – with old dolls and scissors and blood and weird arty angles.  Yeah!”  Probably arousing to a very few people on the planet.  But, ya know, artsy.

Beethoven’s Stiff

This is precisely what would happen if your genitals dedicated themselves to classical music.

Totally clever and funny.  A penis conducts!  There’s a vaginal playing a clarinet (what are the odds!) and a cock keeping time on the drums.  Hilarious shot of a pussy blowing a flute. 

Raiders of the Lost Arse

A hilarious and super dirty cartoon spoofing everyone’s favorite film about a certain dashing “obtainer of rare antiquities.”

Hilarious animation of what really went on between Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. 

Some Motherfucking Amature Porno

This one’s really soup-to-nuts—actually, soup is one of the few things that doesn’t get fucked in this non sequitur of a film. (I’m keeping nuts in because they come from trees, and a tree does get fucked.)

SO weird.  Starts with a woman with a strap-on fucking a teddy bear.  There’s a commercial for cock socks (as a masturbation aid – that was pretty funny) and a horny guy fucking the crotch of a tree.  There’s a bizarre (well, the whole thing is pretty bizarre) scene of a Hilary-type fucking a Bill-type in the ass.

Nineteen Eighty-Whore

A dystopian nightmare in which Big Brother dictates the rampant sexuality of the populace and love is forbidden. Disobeyers have to do it with a guy wearing a rat costume head, or something.

Um, can’t remember much.  There’s some girls getting raped by the secret police.  Lots of cameras. The idea seems to be that there will be no intimacy in this dystopian future.    So then why does it  end with “I fucking love Big Brother.” What were the filmmakers trying to say?

Anal Alley

You might think you know how to have a good time, but if it doesn’t involve shooting buttplugs out of your ass to knock down bowling pins, I sincerely doubt you’re having as much fun as you could be.

Hilarious spoof of a tv infomercial. You can buy a game that allows you to shoot dildos out of your ass and knock over bowling pins!  Really quite clever.  (I loved the extras – order now and get a Sade mixed tape for free!)


Two hot gay dudes, zero talking, and an awesome soundtrack. This is a self-reflexive story told in reverse, and I’m not even talking positions.

This was the best sex of the night.  Again, two people who really seem to be into fucking each other.  The story is told backwards – starts with fucking, ends with them meeting in a bar.  Loved it – so very Betrayal without the betrayal!  (I voted for this one for best sex).

And for Best in Show?  Well, it was hard.  SO HARD!  But loyalty won out, and it was a really good film, so I voted for Bedtime Stories.

SO……what are we making for next year you guys?  Flashmob orgy?  Anyone?

Sex & Creativity: Day Fifteen

Oh my darlings – WHAT A WEEK I AM HAVING!

Image 1

I am enormously blessed!  I started the two Sex & Creativity class series this past week (one all women and one mixed gender), and I feel like I am in grad school.  I am learning so much about facilitation, about designing an experience, building a container – it’s incredibly humbling and SO FUCKING EXCITING.  I finally finally understand the feeling of “living your passion.”  I have had many experiences in my life that felt creative and fulfilling, but this ignites me on so many levels.  I am on fire with this work.  I go to sleep thinking about it.  I wake up (happily!) at 3 a.m. thinking about it.  I have had so many rich conversations this past week with class participants about their experience, and I am constantly shaping and revising the work.

It’s incredibly creative, I must say, and that has definitely shown up in my sex life.  I gave both classes the assignment to play with the idea of a Daily Stroke.  Inspired by Julia Cameron’s Writing Pages assignment in The Artists Way, the Daily Stroke is a practice of setting aside time daily to masturbate, or write about your sex life (your erotic thoughts and urges, your questions and curiosities) listen to the Sex & Creativity Mediation I made, OR have a sexual interaction with someone.  The idea being that you are consciously taking the time out of your day to give that part of yourself your attention, to be curious about your erotic self, and begin to record your thoughts.

It’s SO much fun.  When faced with something I’m not quite ready to do (like write a difficult email, or a blog post) I am allowing myself to take the time to drop in first, and stir the juices (sorry, can’t help it- it’s such an apt metaphor).  I then consciously carry that energy with me into whatever task I need to do.  It sounds so simple, and yet – it’s incredibly powerful to actually do it.  I find myself doing things with UTTER GLEE!  I’m serious, I’m so excited about my life right now.  Anything seems possible.  Everything seems worthwhile.

I had an idea to create a Sex & Creativity mediation to share with my class.  Now, I’m not a tech person (that i have this blog going at all is a bit of a Christmas miracle) and recording text and music together normally would seem kind of daunting.  But I just didn’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged – I just kept trying things – and I made something that works!  It’s a first crack, but I had such a good time recording it.  I decided I’d share it with the world.  If you need a little boost in  boosting creativity and arousal, enjoy this guided meditation.  I hope the link below allows you to download it easily and put it on your fancy phone and listen to it when falling asleep, or right before a hot date, but I can’t explain how to do that so you’re on your own.  (I’m also including the SoundCLoud link so you can find it on the interwebs too).

I’d love to hear what you think, if listening to it affects you in any noticeable way.

Oh, and one more thing.  I have been ONCE AGAIN banned from facebook, this time for the following two photos: (Nope, it’s not nipples….)

photo 4-1 0001Jx

Yes, it appears that Facebook is THAT SCARED of butts.  No matter how lovely the bottom, Facebook is not having it.  So I am banned for 30 days.  If you would like to register your dismay, please post THIS BLOG POST to your facebook page as a way to advertise your support for non-censorship of buttocks!  It is truly appreciated.

Much love,


Eleanor O’Brien, Dance Naked Productions Artistic Director

“Sex-Positive Theater….with a happy ending”



30 Days of Sex & Creativity: Day Fourteen

I love sex games.  I’m not talking about games like “Baby if you love me, give me a smile” or “Spin the Bottle” (though truth be told, I love those games too – given the right company!) I love adapting theater games for nefarious purposes.

My pal (and improv goddess) Domeka Parker taught me a great game called Animals With Problems.  The gist of this game is two players get up and pick an animal.  The audience is asked to come up with list of sexual fears and dysfunctions.  The players pick one from the list, and start the scene.   The “game” format is genius at allowing people to explore a topic without fear of being mistaken for the character (If my character has herpes, it must be because I have herpes).  If I’m a lady hippopotamus with hypo-active desire disorder, and I’m doing a scene with a platypus with erectile dysfunction, I can explore what that’s like in a playful, nonthreatening way.

This kind of exploration is great for creating theater too.  A year or two back I invited a group of women to come play in my living room – doing exactly this kind of game.  I also invited them to research the sex life of a sea creature, and then tell a story of what it would be like to have sex with that creature.   The monologues that came out of this were hilarious – one woman waxing poetic about getting lobster pee in her eyes, and another describing the particular kind of orgasm achieved with the corkscrew dolphin penis.

We actually ended up writing a scene about a gaggle of horny mermaids – the premise being that mermaids MUST have sex or die, and are incredibly polyoceanus (I’m making up a word that means “willing and able to fuck any creature that lives under the sea”).  Everyone got to create a specific character – that had her own kinks and preferences – and we improv’d a mermaid sleep-over.   We  performed this piece at Scratch PDX, and had ourselves a grand time.  And now, for your viewing pleasure, for the first time on Youtube, ladies and gentlemen, I offer you ….

Maybe It’s Better Down Where It’s Wetter.

(Trust me, the lighting improves drastically after the first minute)

If you are a creatively curious person, currently living in Portland, OR-  I am offering a class in Sex & Creativity that starts the week of October 8th.  Tuesday evenings are women-only, and that class is full, but there are a few more slots in the mixed gender class on Thursdays (and by mixed I mean ALL).

Here’s me talking about the class a bit. 

I hope you are having yourself an inspiring fall season!



PS here’s a link to a beautiful piece of writing.   I shared on it  facebook, but in case you didn’t see