Revelations Accepting Visual Art

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Revelations is an invitation to artists of all kinds to reveal an aspect of their erotic nature.  We have created a show that involves stories, song, poetry (and even a little puppetry!) that will run at The Headwaters Theater in Portland, Oregon from March 10-13th.

We are also including a visual/multi-media element.

If you are a visual artist and would like to have your work displayed as part of the slide show of erotic art displayed during the pre-show and  intermission for Revelations, please follow THIS LINK.

We gratefully accept up to 5 images.  They will be credited and your name and website will appear in the program.

If you have questions – GET IN TOUCH!

Submissions accepted between March 1-March 8, 2016

If you’d like to get tickets for the event, go to Brown Paper Tickets.  All artists accepted into the show are invited to the preview performance on March 9th.

Don’t wait!


Erotic Selfie Contest!

Erotic Selfie Contest!


(Actually, we have 2.  One that is Safe For Facebook, and one that IS NOT.

Scroll to the bottom to see who won (or to claim your prize!)


It’s Back!

The Erotic Selfie contest of 2015 was so freakin’ fun we’re bringing it back for Revelations.

Revelations is an show that invites artists of all kinds to reveal an aspect of their erotic nature.  There will be stories, songs, poetry (and even a little puppetry!). The show runs March 10-13 at The Headwaters Theater and YOU have the opportunity to win tickets!  (To be on the safe side, you can also BUY TICKETS, and if you win, you can invite friends!)

Here’s how to play….

Send an anonymous selfie* to Dance Naked through THIS LINK and the results will be posted on this blog (see below!).  A lucky winner will be selected at random to receive 2 tickets to Revelations!  (winner selected on March 9th)

*Your identity will never be revealed publicly, but if you win, Eleanor will notify you of your good fortune!)

Let the revelations begin!

Update 3/9 – A big batch of YUM!

Let’s start with pussy….








And move on to the masculine animal~





Matthew Mathis - matter at hand


Black & white makes everything sexier!
Kati McAllister - image (8)


Kati McAllister - image (9)


Kati McAllister - image (27)  Kati McAllister - image (12)butt

Oh ladies, love the locations shots!






stripes     selfie












Update 3/7

LOVE LOVE LOVE people’s willingness to share an erotic vision of themselves.  Scroll down for deliciousness….





















Update 3/6 Phallic objects!  (and a lovely bottom)








Updates 3/5

Today’s #EroticSelfies are NIPPLELICIOUS!! So many beautiful sights you just never get to see on your facebook stream.  But here, at Dance Naked, you get to see how your sister humans show up as erotic beings.







The fellas are also showing the love



And this beautiful humans brings us home….


Start here~

Good Clean Fun
Good Clean Fun


The entries have begun to come in!










Will yours be next?  (DO IT!)











I am so enjoying opening my email these days!  Keep ’em coming my lovelies!

I’m gonna start updating at the top for the return visitors!




And the winner(s) are~

WINNER- image

Cuz it made me laugh.  And that’s always appreciated.

And this one?  Well, I think it was the fingernails that got me.



Contact me to claim your prize!


Dance Naked Season Announcement 2016

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Dance Naked Productions announces 2016 Season

You guys – we are having a season.  By which I mean, 3 projects all happening in one year.  A season.

Holy bejesuz.

This is a Big Deal, because it means commitment.  Commitment to making art.


But there is so much art waiting to be made, and art that needs to be seen, and thus, there must be a season.

Are you ready?

Here goes.

Revelations Image

Revelations 2016

Revelations is an invitation to artists of all kinds to create a piece that reveals  aspects of their erotic nature.  A celebration of the power of vulnerability.  Getting naked, metaphorically speaking.  Humans being deliciously human.  Skin in the game.

WHEN: Thursday through Sunday, March 10-13th @ 7:30PM (Matinée Sunday March 13th @ 2PM)

WHERE: The Headwaters (55 NE Farragut, Portland OR) (just past Lombard!)

COST: Tickets are $20 advance/ $25 at the door



*Sunday matinee is a performers benefit and all proceeds will go to the participants

**Saturday night performance is a celebration of the connection between cannabis and culture – High Art will be made! You are encouraged to BYOC

***There will also be a talk-back after Saturday’s show

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.21.50 PM

Scenes from A Sex Club: An Inviting Desire original

Inviting Desire is an ensemble creation, a collaboration between writers and actors that culminates in a original new work.  Scenes from A Sex Club will explore the world of sex clubs, swingers, group sex, BDSM, the playing of scenes, and the creating of characters.  Vanilla as a fetish.  Kink as an expression of love. All kinds of togetherness… For the first time in Dance Naked history, this Inviting Desire original will include men in the cast.   We will send out surveys, and do the hands-on research necessary to bring you the most authentic storytelling possible.

Scenes from a Sex Club: An Inviting Desire Original will run August 4- 20 @ The Headwaters Theater.

*Auditions will be April 2nd & 3rd.  (stay tuned for more details)

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.23.02 PM

Come Inside: A Sex+ Theater Festival

Come Inside is a curated collection of moving, meaningful, performances from around the world.  We are bringing in pieces that explore the landscape of human sexuality, and illuminate the erotic.  An opportunity to gorge on sexually expressive art for 11 days of live performance, workshops and events!

Sept 29- October 8th @ The Headwaters Theatre (Other locations TBA)


Tickets and passes go on sale in August


In addition to performances, there will be workshops throughout the year

(Seducing the Muse with Gwenn Cody beginning March 26th).

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 6.58.12 PM

Lust & Marriage continues to tour – upcoming performances in the Bay Area TBA.

Stay connected to all the upcoming goodness by getting on the mailing list!

Whew.  That feels like a LOT.

How can you be involved?

So many ways!


Take A Workshop!


Contribute your own art!

Join us on Facebook

Friend me on Fetlife

Join the growing community of people who appreciate an open and authentic conversation about sex and relationships, love and lust, kink, kindness, and doing away with shame.

(If you would like to volunteer, 

please include a brief description of your skills and how you’d like to participate.  We particularly need website assistance, graphic design, marketing expertise, and of course, ushers!).

Revelations is running a contest from March 2-9

Erotic Selfie Contest – send your erotic selfie to the Dance Naked Drop Box and post your erotic selfie anonymously!  Entries will appear on the blog.  Winner chosen at random!  Will receive 2 tickets to Revelations and a Gift Bag of Sex+ Goodies from our generous sponsors

Erotic Art Entries – If you would like to submit your art to Revelations for the Visual Gallery, please send up to 5 images to the Dance Naked Drop Box.  Artists will be credited and a website link will appear in the program. Entries close March 9th.












2015: The Year of Living Vulnerably (The Power of V!)

I danced naked so many times in 2015 I earned my Bréne Brown badge of Supreme Vulnerability. If there IS power in revealing yourself,  I leveled up in 2015.  I felt like a PROFESSIONAL vulnerable.  (I also had some spectacular fails- which are of course, grist for the vulnerability mill!).

For many years I have carried a quote in my head.  I think it comes from A Course In Miracles, but the source has been lost through the years.  And yet, it is truly one of the guiding principle of my life.

“In my defenselessness, my safety lies.”

Think on that for a minute.

It goes against so much of what we think to be safety.

Walls.  Shields.  Weapons.

It’s turn the other cheek.  It’s roll onto your back and offer up your belly.  It’s allowing yourself to be seen without filters.

My goal for 2015 was to allow myself to be seen.  To embody vulnerability personally and professionally.   I like to think I succeeded more than I failed, but I learned something from both outcomes.

In 2015, I won the lottery.  (I mean, we all won the fucking lottery when our dad’s sperm met our mom’s egg and we got the call to come through)

But I also won the CAFF lottery, which stands for Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals.  Winning this lottery carried no cash prize, but allowed me first pick of which fringe festivals I would tour to over the summer.   I’ve been applying for 10 years and finally!  I chose Montréal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver (with a side trip to Burning Man).


This tour allowed me to perform Lust & Marriage across Canada, and take vulnerability to an unprecedented new level.   I got to talk to hundreds of people about non-monogamy, and have dozens of intimate conversations about sex and relationship.  THIS IS MY FOOD, PEOPLE!  Sure, there was some judgement – the couple who said after they saw the show “I don’t know who I’d recommend it to” and the people who refused to take my flyer, but for the most part, there was gratitude and reciprocity.   The gift I offered, my story, was received with standing ovations and rave reviews and sold-out houses.  I felt so appreciated for being vulnerable.  What an effective feedback loop!

More often than not, being emotionally open has led to my richest, most fulfilling experiences.   The experiences I will remember my whole life.

Which is not to say I don’t hide.

2015 was also a year of hiding.  Feeling protective.  Holding back.

I wrote a play about polyamory, and my marriage came apart.  The two things aren’t necessarily related in the way you might think.

My husband and I separated in 2014, but it took me most of 2015 to figure out what that meant.  Lust & Marriage is largely our story, with some fictional license.   When I first wrote it, the ending was a happy one.  We are poly, I have a boyfriend, he has girlfriends, it works for us, the end.


But of course, our story kept evolving.   We came to the realization that our relationship needed to change.  We are no longer romantic partners, though we are still very much family.    How did this effect the show?

I rewrote the ending throughout the summer, trying to find a way to be in integrity with the truth of our story.  I had a 75 minute time limit, so my rewrites had to be artful.   In no way did I want to paint the picture that opening our relationship was the cause of the shift (we were together 9 years and poly much of the time).    I wanted to honor our love story – AND acknowledge that change is inevitable.

But if you’re going to get what you want, you have to ask for it.  You have to be willing to step up, and step off.  I want to believe we can fly.”

(And then I leapt off the stump as the lights went to blackout).


That was the final line of the show.  For me, believing we can fly is about believing that it is possible to live without cages, without constraints.  For you, it might be something else.  But I do believe we have to ask for what you want, and that involves being vulnerable.

Me and my husband
Me and my husband Eric

Despite performing that ending numerous times, I still had a difficult time talking about the end of my marriage, and I wasn’t able to write about it at all.  I couldn’t say ex-husband (still can’t).  I feared I would be seen as adding fuel to the fire,  “poly doesn’t work, see example _____”.   I love my husband deeply, and I still believe in non-monogamy.  I’m happy we have found our right relationship.  I am currently in an open relationship with my boyfriend, and it continues to challenge me and help me grow, so I continue to choose it.

me and my sweetheart Patrick
me and my sweetheart Patrick

But fear of being judged, being seen as a marital failure, kept me from writing and sharing my experiences this summer on this blog. Kept me from allowing myself to be fully seen, and that feels like the real failure.

So I am taking this opportunity to shed some light.   Eric and I are no longer partners.  But we are still married, still family, still have each other’s backs.  What is this relationship called?  I don’t know.  I don’t think there is a good word for it.  And maybe that’s ok.  Maybe that’s where relationship anarchy comes in.

Relationship Anarchy is “is the practice of forming relationships which are not bound by rules aside from what the people involved mutually agree on.”  That feels right.  More and more I feel myself uncomfortable with labels when it comes to relationship.

I want to show up and be seen for where I am in the moment, and not worry so much about what someone might think a week or a year  down the road, when who I am is invariably different.  I am no longer concerned with the happy ending, because there is no such thing.  There is no ending, and there are no constants.  Change IS inevitable, and learning how to accept and embrace change is really the source of happiness.

So there you go – a brief recap of what I learned in 2015.    I plan to continue my practice of vulnerability into 2016 and beyond.  I will continue to think of ways I can share that with you.  (If you are in Portland, consider taking my workshop Seducing the Muse starting January 9th– chock full of opportunities to be vulnerable!).    I promise to keep sharing the stories that reveal my truth, and I hope you will do the same.  That is how we learn from one another, and it is truly our greatest gift.

Eleanor bares all
Power of the underbelly!


May 2016 be the year you discover the strength of your underbelly.

Big love,











I have figured out why I came to Montréal.  For the nakedness.  The amazing epic night of nakedness!

Technically, I came to do my show Lust & Marriage at the 25th St. Ambroise Fringe Festival, and that’s going rather well, but mostly I came for what happened Monday night.

I’ve been in Montréal for a week now.  Tamara and I drove in a week ago today, and got to see Allie Weighs Inn, a wonderful solo show that incorporates stories about polyamory, motherhood and gorgeous violin interludes.

I took Tamara to the airport the next morning, and I was on my own.  I quickly made friends with Allie (of the above solo show), and I’ve been staying at her place.  She lives really close to fringe central and I’m riding my bike everywhere.  I haven’t moved the van once.

A few block away there was a street fair going on the first 5 days I was here – a HUGE event, covering at least 1/2 a mile.  This event celebrates the murals of Montréal.  I had no idea this was a thing – but there are AMAZING murals in this city.

IMG_6587 IMG_6588 IMG_6589

      They are everywhere, and they are amazing.  

But i digress- night of nakedness!

I made a new friend, A magical young man named Philip who is stage managing a show in the Fringe called Triptych.  Philip is from Montreal, and offered to take me and Dash, one of the actors from that show, on a tour of his favorite places.

We began by going to the top of Mount Royale, which is more a big hill then mountain, but has a spectacular view of the city. 


(Thats Phil in the middle). 

It also has raccoons, lots of raccoons. 


(Have you ever seen so many fearless raccoons in one place? Kind of creepy actually).

I told Phil and Dash about my epic road trip a couple across America, and they were totally down for some naked dancing in Montreal!

We started off fairly pedestrian…. (Well, technically i guess its a bus stop)

But then got more religious…. 

 (St. John the Babtiste!)   
eleanor and st. john 

(The cops pulled up right after this picture was taken.  Timing is everything!).

The  sun was coming up at this point but Phil wanted to take us to one last place. The Olympic Stadium.

You know what happened next….   


And then, best of all, Phil and Dash joined me for a naked dance (so much fun! Comrades!!) 

(I didnt want to share without permission, but stay tuned- its pretty freakin hilarious!)   
They dropped me off at my bike and i rode back to Allie’s in the rain, singing My Vagina is 8-Miles Wide and laughing with sheer joy.  I remembered a big reason why i came – because i love an adventure!

I have also seen some wonderful shows, and met some incredible people.  I have yet to be reviewed (which is kind of nice actually) but i hear that my show has “good buzz.” Lots of people have said lovely things.  Im enjoying sinking in and starting to play with it.  Tonight im headed out to perform at The 13th Hour- (the late-night fringe talk show that starts at 1am) (i’m  taking a wee nap first because its either that or cocaine).  My plan is to try and get the audience to dance naked with me, or at least, meet me halfway. I will let you know how that goes…

Big love my dears, thanks for following along!