I have figured out why I came to Montréal.  For the nakedness.  The amazing epic night of nakedness!

Technically, I came to do my show Lust & Marriage at the 25th St. Ambroise Fringe Festival, and that’s going rather well, but mostly I came for what happened Monday night.

I’ve been in Montréal for a week now.  Tamara and I drove in a week ago today, and got to see Allie Weighs Inn, a wonderful solo show that incorporates stories about polyamory, motherhood and gorgeous violin interludes.

I took Tamara to the airport the next morning, and I was on my own.  I quickly made friends with Allie (of the above solo show), and I’ve been staying at her place.  She lives really close to fringe central and I’m riding my bike everywhere.  I haven’t moved the van once.

A few block away there was a street fair going on the first 5 days I was here – a HUGE event, covering at least 1/2 a mile.  This event celebrates the murals of Montréal.  I had no idea this was a thing – but there are AMAZING murals in this city.

IMG_6587 IMG_6588 IMG_6589

      They are everywhere, and they are amazing.  

But i digress- night of nakedness!

I made a new friend, A magical young man named Philip who is stage managing a show in the Fringe called Triptych.  Philip is from Montreal, and offered to take me and Dash, one of the actors from that show, on a tour of his favorite places.

We began by going to the top of Mount Royale, which is more a big hill then mountain, but has a spectacular view of the city. 


(Thats Phil in the middle). 

It also has raccoons, lots of raccoons. 


(Have you ever seen so many fearless raccoons in one place? Kind of creepy actually).

I told Phil and Dash about my epic road trip a couple across America, and they were totally down for some naked dancing in Montreal!

We started off fairly pedestrian…. (Well, technically i guess its a bus stop)

But then got more religious…. 

 (St. John the Babtiste!)   
eleanor and st. john 

(The cops pulled up right after this picture was taken.  Timing is everything!).

The  sun was coming up at this point but Phil wanted to take us to one last place. The Olympic Stadium.

You know what happened next….   


And then, best of all, Phil and Dash joined me for a naked dance (so much fun! Comrades!!) 

(I didnt want to share without permission, but stay tuned- its pretty freakin hilarious!)   
They dropped me off at my bike and i rode back to Allie’s in the rain, singing My Vagina is 8-Miles Wide and laughing with sheer joy.  I remembered a big reason why i came – because i love an adventure!

I have also seen some wonderful shows, and met some incredible people.  I have yet to be reviewed (which is kind of nice actually) but i hear that my show has “good buzz.” Lots of people have said lovely things.  Im enjoying sinking in and starting to play with it.  Tonight im headed out to perform at The 13th Hour- (the late-night fringe talk show that starts at 1am) (i’m  taking a wee nap first because its either that or cocaine).  My plan is to try and get the audience to dance naked with me, or at least, meet me halfway. I will let you know how that goes…

Big love my dears, thanks for following along!


We made it to Montréal without getting arrested!

We made it to Montréal without getting arrested!

Nous sommes arrivé! (I think that is french for WE HAVE ARRIVED!  Correct me if I’m wrong).

You guys – we literally rolled into Montréal bout 10 minutes before the start of my billet’s show.  (I am staying with Allie of Allie Weigh’s Inn – a solo show about relationships and polyamory and being a mother.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?)

We headed toward the only address in Montréal we knew – Allie’s apartment.  We passed a Starbucks and stopped for the wifi so I could look up the address of the theater, as we didn’t have time to check in before the show).  Turns out, the theater is ONE block from the Starbucks!  (Is anyone else astonished by how the Universe just keeps making this whole endeavor possible?)

We got there just in time, as there were only a few seats left.  Allie’s show is great – personal and funny, and she plays the violin between narratives and it’s just gorgeous.  Afterwards, we went out for poutine.  (Which is the most fattening delicious thing you can imagine – fries drenched in cheese curds and gravy). IMG_6343I must say, I’m a little sad for this road trip to be over.  Tamara has been the most AMAZING companion.  I just can’t say enough how lucky I feel to have had her along.  Not only did she drive almost the entire time, she’s interesting to talk to, she’s happy with silence, we like the same podcasts, and she is TOTALLY GAME.  I’m going to miss her so much.

The last two days we didn’t have much time for naked dancing opportunities, as we had about 20 hours driving in front of us.  But this afternoon, as we were chugging along the interstate (which in this part of Canada was a two lane road with stop lights), Tamara said “Oh yes.”  I looked up from my script to see what she was referring to and I saw this



So much.

With the military complex just down the road, she risked arrest and deportation so that I could do this.



Yes, there is video.  I am working on a compilation to share all these moments with you, dear readers.  But for now, this will have to serve as proof.  I have equally offended the religious right, the Abraham Lincoln enthusiasts,  and the military industrial complex.  Trifecta!

I’m super excited to dive into fringe madness – I hope you’ll continue along for what should be an interesting ride.  My first show is this Friday, so I’ll spend the next two days flyering and postering and drumming up buzz.  And of course, finding places to take off my clothes.

We were listening to an awesome lecture as we drove, from shame and vulnerability researcher Brené Brown, in which she talks about the 10 pillars of whole-hearted living.


As she is describing the final pillar, about letting go of cool, and embracing laughter, song and dance, she actually says “the only thing you could do that would be more vulnerable would be to dance naked.”

Tamara and I just looked at each other in amazement.

Here’s to letting go of cool, y’all.

BIG BIG love!





#NakedAcrossCanada had begun!

#NakedAcrossCanada had begun!


We headed east along the I-80 as far as Des Moines, where we turned north.

Before we left the great state of Iowa however, there were some shenanigans (see last post for Naked with Windmill!).



Turns out, Tamara likes her some blackjack!  We played a few rounds, and ate dinner in the Casino restaurant.  We sat at the bar, and met Howard the trucker, who had just won $75k on a horse race and was feeling very friendly (seeing as we were not going to drop our panties over his big win, he went on to tell us about his prowess at pussy eating.  We managed to resist.  But I did let him buy me cheesecake).

We turned off the interstate and headed towards Minnesota, where we encountered LAKE SUPERIOR!


You can’t believe it’s a lake.  You’d swear you were at the ocean.



And yes, I did get a little naked.




The water was COLD!  But oh so glorious!

naked at lake superior

Driving along the shore was just stunningly beautiful.


I had a special goodbye to all my contraband at Baptism River


Farewell weed!


We crossed the border at Pigeon Lake (where they didn’t even search the van, damn it!  I could have brought a case of wine!)

We rolled into Chippewa campground around midnight, and then woke up to this….



Turns Turns out, the campground ALSO houses a amusement park.  A very deserted amusement park….


(Tamara – SUCH a good sport! the video is just hilarious – I’m figuring out how to best share).

Right now we are sitting at a coffee shop in Thunder Bay, plotting the rest of the trip.  We will head east around the lake towards Sault St. Marie, and then onto Montréal.  I’m already feeling nostalgic about this drive being over.   But don’t worry, I’ll get some more nekkid in before this trip is through.


Sending lots of love to you all! Thanks for joining me on this hilariously silly adventure!



#NakedAcrossAmerica- Iowa, the “liberty” state !

Hey pals- we are over 1/2 across this magnificent country.  Best Road Trip Ever! 

Granted, Nebraska was thin on naked opportunities (there was an ecstatic dance in a corn field, but the video didnt come out).



But Iowa has been very welcoming~

We saw a sign for the Dutch American Museum, complete with windmill and mini-village.


Simply ripe for a naked dance!

 (WordPress isnt letting me upload the video-but trust me, its hilarious).
We are listening to Bréne Brown talk about the power of vulnerbility, and i feel like i’m getting a big dose of why im put here, doing what im doing.  

Practicing joy and vulnerability, giving people permission to expose themselves (literally and figuratively), encouraging stepping into your story and claiming who you are, refusing to feel shame- Thats my mission! 

Thanks so much for coming along on this experiment. Send me pictures of YOUR naked dance! 

Big love, you beautiful creatures,


PS Minneapolis by morning! Sugestions?

#NakedAcrossAmerica – The Epic Road Trip Continues!

#NakedAcrossAmerica – The Epic Road Trip Continues!

For those just joining in….

I’m driving from Portland, Oregon to Montréal, Canada (4000 miles!)  to perform my solo show Lust & Marriage at the Montréal fringe festival.

My goal for this road trip is to dance naked at as many interesting places as I can find.   Thankfully, I’m traveling with an awesome companion – my friend Tamara- who not only loves to drive, but is willing to film these escapades!

After leaving Portland, we made it to Boise, Idaho, where we found the most appropriately titled hot springs ever.


We left Idaho, and headed across Wyoming.  The scenery is absolutely gorgeous.  And there are some AWESOME roadside attractions.


(I trust Abe would approve).


And then, we found Jesus.



Actually, it turns out to be the world’s largest statue of the Mother Mary.  Yes, there was some naked honoring of the divine feminine.  (No, I’m not sharing the video.  I don’t want that to fall into the wrong hands!)  But trust me, it was epic.

(One fella in the distance seemed a little gobsmacked.  Clearly he was not familiar with the ancient custom of dancing naked as a form of worship).


(Yes, this really happened.  Proof!)

Last night we drove through the most spectacular lightning storm I’ve ever encountered.   Today, we’re crossing Nebraska.  Time will tell what opportunities we will find in the corn husker state!

Thanks for following along, my dears.  May this pilgrimage inspire you to GET NAKED AND DANCE wherever you are!