Calling all freedom fighters for the sexual revolution,

all rebels of the erotic resistance!

Sex We Can! An Erotic Uprising is a movement, a crusade, a philosophy, and a live performance.

Premiering as part of the Fertile Ground Festival in 2018 at the historic Clinton St. Theater in Portland, Oregon, Sex We Can! will feature sex-positive artists from multiple mediums, diverse backgrounds and sexual orientations, creating art about sex.  Specifically, sexual expression as a tool of the resistance and sex as medicine.


Sex We Can! encourages creating your own erotic utopia (be the change you want to see!) and sharing that vision with the world.  Sex We Can! seeks to crush shame and create community.  We are here to to remind you that pleasure is your birthright.  The sexual revolution is far from over.  We are called to protect the progress we have made and conjure the world we want to create.  We will overcome!


…and keep on coming ; )


That’s where you come in.


Sex We Can! is a co-created production.  The performances are developed by creatives of all kinds (some of whom have never been on stage before, but have a story to tell or a poem to share, or a song that must be sung) and woven into a powerful, electric evening of entertainment.


Participants work with Dance Naked Productions artistic director, Eleanor O’Brien, to develop a piece, and rehearse as an ensemble to create a coherent performance.




What do I need to do for the audition?


Auditions will consist of sharing your potential performance piece.  Ideas in their raw form are acceptable (but the more you can do to develop your idea improves the odds that your creation will be included).  You will audition with other people.  Part of being in this show is being part of an ensemble, and being willing to be vulnerable.  Put on your big girl panties and show up!  You will have 5 minutes to share what you’ve got.


Audition times:

Saturday, November 4th, 11 am – 1 pm
Saturday, November 4th, 2 pm – 4 pm


Schedule your audition!

Preferred audition slot:


Bring your idea, your story, your song, your dance, your scene, your monologue – and be prepared to share.  Memorization is not necessary, but passion is!


(Audition Venue will be emailed to you prior to auditions.)


What is the time commitment?


Rehearsal will be Sunday afternoons in December and January.  (Attendance at all rehearsals not required).


Performance Dates as follows:


Thursday January 25th, 8 pm, Clinton Street Theater
Friday January 26th, 8 pm, Clinton Street Theater
Saturday January 27th, 8 pm, Clinton Street Theater
Thursday January 25th, 8 pm, Clinton Street Theater


Thursday, February 1st, 8 pm Clinton Street Theater
Friday, February 2nd, 8 pm Clinton Street Theater


Friday, February 9th, 8 pm Clinton Street Theater
Saturday, February 10th, 8 pm Clinton Street Theater


Wednesday, February 14th, 8 pm Clinton Street Theater


Do I have to be at all the performances?




Is there pay?


Yes, a percentage of ticket sales. (This will vary depending on how many participants make up the ensemble.  Don’t expect to get rich.  Think of this as a stipend.)


Do I have to get naked?


Physically no.  Metaphorically?  Probably.


Will this show change my life, and possibly the world?


Most Definitely.


Dance Naked Productions is committed to creating theater that celebrates the erotic, and challenges the status quo.  Artistic Director Eleanor O’Brien is a Fertile Ground veteran (Inviting Desire, Lust & Marriage) and the creator of the sex-positive theater festival Come Inside.  Sex We Can! is her 3rd community cabaret (others include What Is Erotic? and Revelations).  She runs a sex-life coaching practice called Uncover Your Sex Story, and produces a Facebook Live bi-weekly show called Under the Covers with Eleanor.  Connect on facebook at