DANCE NAKED PRODUCTIONS is dedicated to creating entertaining, interactive, edgy, enlightening, and arousing theater that illuminates and celebrates human sexuality.

We provide a unique and visceral experience that unabashedly explores the libido’s imagination.

Through live performance (often with audience participation) we seek to provide an erotic, experiential adventure. We ask questions, challenge assumptions, and take risks.

We believe that the key to human happiness lies in greater compassion and understanding (and of course, more and better sex) and use the medium of theater to further that goal.

Viva la revolution!

ELeanor O'Brien, Dance Naked Productions artistic director


Eleanor O’Brien is the founder of Dance Naked Productions and the writer and performer of solo shows GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies and Lust & Marriage.  She has directed and produced several ensemble shows (Inviting Desire: A Theatrical Aphrodisiac, Lubricate Your Libido, Pleasure Permission Possibility, and The Dawn of Sex).  She is the creator of the community cabarets What Is Erotic? and Revelations, as well as Come Inside, the first sex & culture theater festival in the U.S.  Eleanor also runs Naked Creation, a educational offshoot of Dance Naked, and leads Sex & Creativity workshops around the U.S.  She received her bachelors from Pomona College and her MFA from The University of San Diego/Old Globe Theatre.  She is a trained Story Healer, and a graduate of Reid Mihalko’s Sex Geek Summer Camp.