Would you like to live in a world more open about sexuality?  Are you endlessly curious as to why we have so much shame around something so natural?  Would you rather live in a world that celebrates and encourages more and better sex?  Me too!  Let’s do it.  

Welcome to Dance Naked Productions!  My mission is to create theater that changes the world.  I love to talk about sex, and I want to share stories.  (I’d like to hear yours!)  I believe that having a vibrant erotic imagination helps us be more human.  I believe that orgasms fuel creativity.   And yes, I believe that theater can change the world.  Together with my co-creators, our mission is to create entertaining, interactive, edgy, enlightening, and arousing theater that illuminates and celebrates human sexuality.

Through live performance we seek to provide an erotic, experiential adventure –  a unique and visceral experience that unabashedly explores the libido’s imagination.  We are truth tellers and story spinners and pleasure activists.  We make theater designed to challenge the status quo. We aren’t here just to be sexy (though we enjoy the attention!).  We ain’t sex objects, baby- We are sex AGENTS! We use the stage to claim our birthright.

We are sexual beings. We WANT.  We DESIRE.  We DESERVE.

And we are here to talk about it.

So many of us grew up hearing the message “That’s private.  We don’t discuss things like that.”  Dance Naked Productions talks about THAT.  By telling our stories, by using our lust life to fuel our creative imagination, we shed light on those areas shrouded in darkness.   Speaking the unspeakable encourages acceptance and tolerance and joy.

Dance Naked is about transparency, about vulnerability, about ecstasy.  It’s about the raw and messy and wonderful human experience, especially as it pertains to our bodies, and our sexual souls.  We make theater designed not only to make you think, but to make you feel. (There’s a reason it’s better LIVE).

We revel in the juicy details, we share secrets, and we don’t leave out the dirty yummy bits!

Come see a show!  Introduce yourself after.  Stay for a talk-back.  Check out our erotic open mics. Or take a workshop designed to expand the connection between your erotic and creative selves.

Or, dance naked in your living room!  Experience your life.  Revel in your stories.  Tell ’em to someone who’s earned your trust.  Turn ‘em into art.

Thank you for being your succulent, erotic, human self.  May your imagination be fertile and your orgasms abundant.

Viva La Revolution!

Eleanor O’Brien

Dance Naked Productions, Artistic Director

Eleanor O'Brien, artistic director